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Is the Dolphins’ season over?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses Miami’s home loss to the Bills and what the future may hold in the playoffs.

The Bills and Dolphins closed out the regular season with a game to determine the AFC East champion on Sunday Night Football and ... things didn’t go Miami’s way.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz was, save Jessica, in a state of sadness on Monday following a late night hosting a watch-along of the big game.

Dan says it felt like the Dolphins season ended on Sunday night, despite the fact Miami will face the Chiefs — the team Stugotz said in an EXTREME close-up last week that he wanted to face — on Saturday night at Arrowhead at 8 p.m. ET.

Dan says the Dolphins team he saw on Sunday night can not go on the road against KC, Buffalo or Baltimore. That’s not a manageable task for them right now. Dan points out that three times this season that the Dolphins had the ball in a one-score game and all three times they didn’t score any points. And that's how they went from a No. 2 seed all the way down to a No. 6. So even if you get past Kansas City, can you feel good about the Dolphins’ chances to beat Josh Allen after losing to him twice this season? On the road, in the cold?

Stugotz doesn’t want to say the season is over, but he will say that he could see the Dolphins beating the Chiefs on Saturday. Dan says he could see anyone winning in a one-game sample, but are the Dolphins really going to be able to run that gauntlet on the road against teams that are better when you’re injured and struggling? In what world?

Chris says the Dolphins’ path to the Super Bowl is clearly difficult and no one would argue otherwise, and while it is possible Chris thinks it’s not going to happen. But Chris asks this question: Has this been a good season for Miami? He says all season the answer has felt like yes, but it will flip to no if the Dolphins don’t win in Kansas City. Billy isn’t willing to go that far, however, noting that Tua Tagovailoa led the league in passing yards, Tyreek Hill led the league in receiving yards, Raheem Mostert led the league in rushing touchdowns. Plus, Tua had the third-most passing yards in Dolphins history. So, Billy says people should be happy with this Dolphins season and it’s not impossible for the Dolphins to make it to Las Vegas for he Super Bowl. Oh, and if that happens, guess what? Chris Cote, you’re not coming! Chris is grounded! The Duke has spoken.

Chris does want to draw attention to a comparison that struck him watching last night’s game. Josh Allen may throw a lot of interceptions, but at least he can run the ball. Tua throws a lot of interceptions and can’t run it. He says that shows there is a gap there between those two quarterbacks. Chris wants a QB who can both run and throw.

Mike does want to point out that Tua played all 18 games this season, even if the Dolphins only beat one good team, the Cowboys, and did so thanks to field goals. Mike says the Bills are playing their best football at the right time, while conversely, the Dolphins seem to be playing their worst football at the worst time. As Stugotz points out, however, the Dolphins got really unhealthy really quickly.

Billy wants to go on record saying he likes the Dolphins this week (on DraftKings Sportsbook. Miami is currently a 3.5-point underdog). The Chiefs have not looked overwhelming, he says. Chris doesn’t disagree that Miami could beat the Chiefs, but he still says this didn’t go the way they wanted it to. But Stugotz says if the Dolphins can win at Arrowhead they can win anywhere. Meanwhile, Billy sees things others don’t and sees a scenario where the Dolphins avoid the Ravens and sometimes the Ravens throw up on themselves in the playoffs. Any Given Sunday, Dan.

Meanwhile, Jessica and Stugotz present the top five NFL teams that were written off and are now in the playoffs ...


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