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Who do Mike Golic Jr. and Jessica Smetana like to win the National Championship?

Mike Golic Jr. joins Jessica Smetana on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz’s Gen CFB to preview Monday’s National Championship Game between Washington and Michigan.

The long winding road of the college football season – from Coach Prime, to sign-stealing allegations to CFP consternation — has led us here. The National Championship Game will go down on Monday in Houston between Washington and Michigan.

Mike Golic Jr. of GoJo and Golic joined Jessica Smetana on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz’s college football show-within-a-show, Gen CFB, in place of Lucy Rohden to preview the game and provide his expert analysis.

Jessica starts off with a bit of a hot take of her own — despite the popular sentiment clamoring for the Rose Bowl to serve as the permanent home of the National Championship game, she would actually like to see more of a college environment for the sports’ ultimate showcase ... not to mention that she hates that it’s on super late on a Monday.

Make no mistake about it though, she is excited for the game, especially since these two teams will actually get to play each other again next year in Big 10 play. So it could be the start of a rivalry here! Michigan is currently a 4.5-point favorite on DraftKings Sportsbook, so who does GoJo like here?

GoJo says he’s picking Washington here and some of that might be due to recency bias from seeing the way offense looked in the Michigan-Alabama game and watching the way Washington played against Texas. GoJo says if Michael Penix Jr. can muster another game like that the Huskies can win because he doens’t know if Michigan is built for a shootout like that. So he’s picking Washington, as that same combination of things that worked for them against Texas will get it done again and their defense has to make just enough plays.

Jessica says she is taking the opposite position from GoJo simply because of vibes. It’s not as though Washington has bad vibes, she says, but simply because Michigan has a chip on its shoulder and this could be Jim Harbaugh’s last game as a Michigan Man. Jessica doesn’t necessarily think Michigan has any sort of talent advantage over Washington, or even that they’re more physical even. But, as much as she loves Washington, she feels like the scales are tipping toward Michigan right now and all it takes is for some of those long Michigan drives where they hand off the ball 40 times and that’s game.

GoJo understands where Jessica is coming from, and points to Parker Fleming’s analysis that there may be more ways for Michigan can win this game and GoJo agrees that Michigan is the more complete team.

GoJo says Washington’s offense vs. Michigan’s defense is college football’s version of when the 49ers faced the Ravens. He says on paper, it’s advantage Michigan in a pretty big way with their offense and what they can do on the ground taking on a Washington defense that has been timely but never consistent.

Jessica says despite everything she’s said, she thinks Washington’s offense keeps them in the game no matter what the margins are. All it takes, she says, is one of those Michael Penix dimes to break a defense open and score a quick six points. Ultimately, Jessica is hoping it’s a close game, that it’s a fun game because she would hate for such a fun CFP semifinal round to be followed up by another National Championship blowout like we had last year. But right now, she’s giving the edge to Michigan. Even as she acknowledges her hatred of the Wolverines as a Notre Dame fan.

And before they wrapped up, GoJo had to get one last thing in based on the former title of CFB which Jessica and Lucy summarily shot down before it could become a real thing ...


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