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Should the Dolphins be nervous going into their matchup vs. the Bills?

Mina Kimes joins The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to preview the de facto AFC East title game between Miami and Buffalo.

The AFC East title will be on the line when the Dolphins welcome the Bills to Miami for their Week 18 Sunday Night Football matchup.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz welcomed Mina Kimes to the show to break down the de facto AFC East title game.

Dan says this is the biggest Dolphins game since ... he doesn’t know when. He wants to know if Mina is the camp that Miami has been exposed and the injuries are going to be a problem.

Mina says she would be nervous if she were Miami, mostly because of the defense. She notes that Buffalo fans will give them no sympathy for the injuries, as they went through a stretch themselves where they were the walking wounded. But, she says the timing of the injuries for the Dolphins is what is such a problem. The Bills defense has made adjustments, evolved their scheme and young players have stepped up. Whereas Miami last week against Baltimore had so much miscommunication. Yes, Lamar Jackson was amazing but there were busted coverages all over the place. That’s a problem at this point in the season.

Dan wants to know what Mina makes of Vic Fangio never being able to find answers for Josh Allen?

When these teams played earlier in the season, Mina notes the Dolphins were dealing with some injuries. Meanwhile, the Bills offense isn’t the same offense it was then either. She points out that Stefon Diggs went nuclear in that game and hasn’t really been a factor for a few weeks. Under Joe Brady, Mina says this Bills offense has been more about ball control and throwing to the tight ends. So she says it’s a different challenge for Fangio from what it was earlier in the season. She does think having Jalen Ramsey available will help a lot. She also says on that side of the ball your hope is that you get YOLO Josh Allen, especially coming off a game against the Patriots where he did not play that well. Allen has been a little bit up and down this season, Mina says, and there have been games where he just feels compelled to go nuclear and put on the cape and make throws into triple coverage. Mina says the truth is that the best way to get him to do that is to have the offense put up points pretty much every drive to force Allen into that superhero mindset.

Dan wants Mina to explain to him what happened last week against the Patriots where New England almost beat the Bills. What did Bill Belichick do to Allen that is repeatable?

Mina’s answer? NOTHING. She says Allen was just off. Mina says with Allen she just feels like it’s less about what the defense does and more about what version of him shows up. She says the risk/reward balance is always the thing with Allen and the reason we accept the riskier plays is because the reward is so great. Mina says the Patriots defense really didn’t throw anything crazy at Allen last week but it really just came down to Allen having an off day and putting too much pressure on himself.

Amid all of this, Mina wants to reassure Miami fans that she’s not saying the Dolphins don’t have a chance. She thinks if the Miami offense can bounce back and put pressure on Allen to keep up, that is how the Dolphins can start forcing him into making those bad decisions.

Meanwhile, Dan and the crew talked about Klay Thompson’s admission that he had a talk with coach Steve Kerr about enjoying the last chapter in his storied basketball career.


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