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Just how underappreciated is Lamar Jackson?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the MVP-caliber play of the Ravens QB with Jemele Hill and Pablo Torre.

After another MVP-caliber performance from Lamar Jackson against the Dolphins in the marquee matchup of the weekend, The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz welcomed Jemele Hill and Pablo Torre to talk about the MVP front-runner and why he doesn’t get the respect he deserves.

Dan noted that Lamar doesn’t get the commercials that other players of his stature do while also noting that he’s not sure we’ve seen many players like him and that as a face and voice of a franchise, Lamar is a different look and sound than all the QBs who get the commercials. And he says he’s talking about both white and black. Dan says Lamar talks, thinks and swaggers differently than most of the quarterbacks he’s watching.

Jemele says Lamar reminds her so much of Allen Iverson. She says Iverson had a lot of the same elements that Jackson has — the cool, the swag, the tattoos, the cornrows. He was different and culturally, Jemele says AI was the people’s champ and that is Lamar Jackson today. Jemele says there are a lot of people, especially a lot of black people, who identify and relate to Jackson even as a lot of boardrooms and marketing executives may not consider Jackson their cup of tea. And that’s the shame of all this, Jemele says. She says Lamar is a cultural phenomenon that deserves to be elevated and celebrated, especially considering what he was up against from college on, which is a perception that he’s not doing it the right or real way.

So, Jemele says we’re seeing Lamar not just defying what the perceptions are, but Lamar also just sort of jamming people in their faces with all of the things they said should be detractions. She says it’s a beautiful thing to see because often in sports we don’t get to see these kinds of things. Jemele says Jackson is making so many people look so stupid on a weekly basis that the petty part of her loves every moment of this ... even if he destroyed her 49ers.

Pablo says part of the fun of Lamar Jackson is that there are all of these people who still find a way to not just step on the proverbial rake in front of them, but rather jump on it with both feet so it hits them in the face as a camera broadcasts it all. Pablo agrees that Jackson should be celebrated more, but part of the pleasure of being a person who appropriately appreciates Lamar is that you realize how angry other people are getting because he is so good. He’s doing PhD-level quarterbacking and you love to see it.

Meanwhile, Greg Cote was on the show (yes on a Wednesday!) and shared his DEFINITIVE LIST of teams that can win the Super Bowl ...


Local Hour: Love Ya

  • David Samson is here for his Wednesday Local Hour hit: will his microphone work? Samson and the crew discuss Wander Franco, the biggest Dolphins game since 20-01, David Tepper’s fine, the potential of a Smetty Bowl in Miami, and somehow, Stephen Ross vs. Jeffrey Loria as owners and their stadium finance deals...again. Plus, Rece Davis joins the crew to discuss his grooming habits, the Rose Bowl, the College Gameday crew’s loving relationships, Kirk Herbstreit’s dog, and Miami-Rutgers.

The Big Suey: Guy Don’t Wanna Learn, Guy Don’t Wanna Earn

  • Chris Cote disrespected his relationship with his father at the end of the Local Hour, and Greg is feeling legitimately sensitive about it. Then, Greg has a Top 6 List of Teams That Can Win the Super Bowl that might be a Top 5 list with 2 OLIs and maybe a ROLI. Plus, Travis Kelce’s management team has BEEN on a mission to make him a star, and Greg is desperate for clicks.

Hour 1: Over and Out!

  • After Dan pays homage to Greg Cote’s mentor, Greg makes a comment that gets him sent to a place beyond the Penalty Box: he’s headed to Dan Le Batard Show JAIL! And ya know what? Jessica can join him there. Then, Anderson Cooper laughs at John Mayer on New Year’s Eve, The Great Larry Grim, and Jessica dominates Bar Trivia en route to her quest for a Suburban Triple Crown. Plus, Greg teaches the kids in the audience how to learn to spell, Dan Campbell fires back at a radio host, Billy misses zoom school, and Jeremy gets bullied over his friendships.

Hour 2: Just Trying to Talk Shit (feat. Pablo Torre, Jemele Hill, and Mike Schur)

  • Dan wants to get to some serious sports topics so he’s elicited the help of Jemele Hill, Pablo Torre, and Mike Schur. The four of them (along with some help from the Shipping Container) tackle some of the weightier topics around sports and culture today including why Lamar Jackson’s blackness may be the reason he isn’t showered with endorsement deals, the Aaron Rodgers-Jimmy Kimmel controversy, Dave Chappelle punching down at the Trans community, and, of course, the New England Patriots offensive struggles.

Postgame Show: The Deck Shoe

  • Jessica explains how and why she took off Greg Cote’s deck shoe. Greg wants to be the commissioner of footwear.


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