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‘They need to fix this’: Is this bowl season a wake-up call for college football?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses Kirby Smart’s postgame comments after beating FSU’s backups by 60 points.

Amid a sea of opt-outs and players entering the transfer portal, Florida State was DISMANTLED by Georgia in the Orange Bowl and Kirby Smart had some thoughts afterward.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz rang in the new year by sharing their thoughts, as well.

Dan says the professional minor league of college football has never been more wonderfully absurd than in this year’s bowl games. The portal era has wrong bowl games with Tyler Van Dyke sporting a Wisconsin jersey on the sidelines after spending the entire regular season in Miami and walk-ons taking the field in bowl games everywhere. Whatever Ohio State was during the regular season, Dan says, it’s not the team that showed up to play Missouri in the bowl game. It’s maximum mercenary nonsense, he says, and the teams don’t look anything like they did during the regular season.

Stugotz says he was watching a bowl game — don’t ask him which one — and the announcers pointed out the QB starting was actually in the portal. It was basically a try out for other universities, Stugotz points out! Mike says watching these bowl games, it’s clear they have been diluted but the powers that be will never fix it as long as they keep drawing the kind of TV ratings they’ve been drawing. Mike says they’re banking on the average Joe tuning in not really knowing or caring that it’s the fourth-string QB under center.

Dan says all of it is obviously made for TV programming and once you dispense with the pretense of amateurism and turn it all into business, sure it will be mayo or Pop Tart commercials and we’ll make this as dumb and crass and fun and weird as possible. Dan says the ground has been made up between perennial powerhouse Alabama and Michigan. He says if you’re going to make it about money, you can have someone like Harbaugh potentially cheat his way to a title and no one will care that it could eventually be vacated. None of it matters, Dan says, it’s all about business and competing over dollars. It’s just about fun and throwing bodies into the mill for the people bored at home, according to Dan.

Stugotz does admit — it’s so much fun. He asks: When does Duke get five-star QB prospects? Although, as Dan points out, Duke has actually been pretty good for the last couple of years.

Going back to Kirby Smart’s comments for a sec, Dan says it’s like someone coming out of a cornfield after seeing something horrific — his general tone is of a man who has seen something that was not meant to be seen, that others shouldn’t have seen and shouldn’t have been seen publicly. Smart, Dan says, was embarrassed for FSU.

The most amazing part of the whole story? Dan says Kirby Smart still has the best team! His Georgia team, according to Dan, would be favored against everyone else. He’s dominated college football, including Nick Saban, for the past couple of years and he beat FSU by 60 points and afterward struck a tone that made Dan scared about what he had seen.

People need to see what happened and it needs to be fixed, indeed.

Meanwhile, Stugotz has a message for the teams heading into the playoffs: Bring on the Chiefs!


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