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Has National Signing Day lost its luster?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses what early National Signing Day means in the portal era.

Wednesday was National Signing Day in college football, but in our new portal era, does it even really mean anything anymore?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz also looked to dive into what has become of National Signing Day.

Billy takes a somewhat similar tact as Mike Golic Sr. above, arguing that National Signing Day doesn’t mean anything anymore as these aren’t actual commitments and there’s another National Signing Day in the spring. But Mike points out that these are real commitments in that you have to send a letter of intent, which is binding, but there are ways to get out of it. But as Jessica notes, the game has changed in that your recruiting class is no longer the end-all be-all for the amount of talent you’ll have on your roster for a given season.

Dan finds it interesting because traditionally the show has not paid much attention to National Signing Day or put a microscope on the decisions made by high schoolers. But, it is an interesting evolution where if college football is going to be the No. 2 sport right behind the NFL and people are going to want information on how the business is changing. As Dan points out, now coaches have to consider the business aspect of all this and not just run around with their clipboards drawing up plays. He’s looking at who might get ahead more quickly simply because they’re spending dollars.

Mike points out it doesn’t always equal success, noting that Texas A&M a couple of years ago had one of the greatest recruiting classes ever only to find Jimbo Fisher out of a job before the end of the 2023 season. Especially with the portal, Mike says, there has been a dilution when it comes to early signing day. But it still gives you a certain amount of lottery tickets and all you’re trying to do is stack as much talent as possible and hope it gets you into the expanded college football playoff.

It’s well known that Lucy LOVES college football, but even she admits that early signing day and this whole recruitment process loses her because she says she never finds herself that intense with following what 17- and 18-year-olds are deciding to do. She points out that her favorite team isn’t one that recruits particularly well, but rather is more of a developmental school thus it’s never been a day that she’s put too much stock into. And now with the transfer portal? She doesn’t even think about it.

Mike says he finds it fascinating because NIL has leveled the playing field and thus a lot of talent is going to a lot of places, including Missouri. Lucy points out that Missouri law states if you stay in state for your sport you can begin earning NIL in high school. So they have found the perfect legal workaround to keep their top talent in state. Mike says that, like several other things in this country right now, it all depends on what state that you’re operating in and that kind of determines your advantages. So he thinks a school like Mizzou is going to be hanging around and it is sustainable.

All of this is put into relief by Ryan Day’s reaction to being told in the middle of press conference that Ohio State has been able to hold onto its commitment from Jeremiah Smith.

Dan notes that all of that creeped him out a little bit, it felt wrong. But, Mike says the part that truly felt wrong was seeing Ryan Day The Performer come out after getting a little bit of a reaction after the first knee buckle. Dan says it’s gross, though, for an adult to be that happy about his career chasing a teen around convincing him that this amount of money here is better than that amount of money over there. To Dan, it all just feels a little gross.

Meanwhile, is Brian Kelly too corny for his — and LSU’s — own good?


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