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Is Aaron Rodgers acting like a big LOSER? Or is he really the big WINNER?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the conclusion of the Aaron Rodgers comeback saga.

After dominating the news cycle without even taking the field since Week 1, the saga of Aaron Rodgers’ attempted comeback from a torn Achilles appears to have finally reached its merciful end ... with exactly the outcome most expected.

As our long national nightmare comes to an end, The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz had some thoughts.

Dan notes that some people have questioned whether the show’s relationship with Rodgers has changed as he himself has changed over the past several years. Dan notes that he’s been in agreement with Rodgers on several things and that he’s been in disagreement with Rodgers on several things. But what was happening on Wednesday was that some people at the studio were calling Rodgers a LOSER. Dan points out that he doesn’t believe that for a second. Before Mahomes, Rodgers was the best Dan’s ever seen at the position, and that includes Tom Brady. Just watching him play, he’s been AMAZING. At the end of the day, Dan says his general relationship to what Aaron Rodgers is doing is not poisoned by Rodgers doing some things differently than was previously expected. Dan’s assessment of Rodgers, case to case on things that happened, isn’t poisoned by the last two or three years of him behaving differently. So how did someone end up at Aaron Rodgers is a loser.

“Because he’s acting like a big loser, Dan.” Those are the words of the one, the only, the man dressed up as an elf from Elf, Jeremy Tache.

Before Jeremy can get out his full thought, Billy said to go on and say whatever he wants because Rodgers will never be on the show again, but Stugotz refutes that. Stugotz says he knows for a fact that Rodgers has no beef with Dan or the show and in fact as soon as he’s back playing football, Rodgers is willing to come back on the show (and maybe even God Bless Football). Assuming, of course, that Stugotz was trying to book Rodgers and not Jake Owen by mistake.

Dan also believes that most of what is being said on the show probably isn’t getting back to Rodgers and most of what gets aggregated from the show and attributed to Dan is stuff he actually hasn’t said but what others on the show have said. So Dan is already seeing the aggregation headlines now — LEBATARD: Aaron Rodgers is a LOSER. Billy has a different headline, however — LEBATARD: Rodgers is a WINNER. Billy says Rodgers won this whole thing, he got exactly what he wanted to get out of this. He wanted to make it back, but the doctors went against him and being a month away the rules and that 21-day return window were against him. So really, it's not his fault. Billy doesn’t see you can look at any of this and think Aaron Rodgers lost in any way. He was the big winner here! (Cue to Stugotz smiling like a proud papa at how Billy has absorbed his lessons on how to get a guest). But remember, it was Dan who said all that. Le Batard colon, after all.

Jeremy, still dressed as an elf, just can’t take seriously who Rodgers has been this entire season. The part that is frustrating, according to Jeremy, is not that Rodgers was a bad teammate, is not that he’s bad at football, it’s that he spent this entire year lying right to our faces, as he has for the past several years, about his health dating back to his attempt to lie about his COVID-19 vaccination status.

Jeremy appears to be alone on an island with his Rodgers=Loser take, but explains that Rodgers has such a large platform and is going out and calling out people like Dr. Anthony Fauci when people have already been threatening him. Jeremy says this isn’t stuff to mess around with. Then, mid-take, Jeremy stopped and couldn’t finish after seeing himself in the camera. A man, dressed as an elf, arguing about Aaron Rodgers as a Ramblin’ Man drop plays around him. As Dan points out, look at Jeremy, trying to capture the moral high ground trying to call an MVP a loser while dressed as an elf. What a time to be alive.


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