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Is hanging an In-Season Tournament banner in LA an EMBARASSMENT?!?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the Lakers honoring the team’s victory in the first In-Season Tournament.

Monday night was the big night. Yes. the Lakers raised their In-Season Tournament banner to the rafter to join all their other celebrations of past championship glory.

Of course, on such a momentous occasion, The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz had some thoughts.

Dan notes that since winning the NBA Cup last week in Las Vegas, the Lakers have actually had a bit of a letdown, losing three of their last four games. But who could blame them? Dan notes that the Lakers have positioned their IST banner around their other NBA championship banners and it looks better and more modern than those banners. Stugotz says you can’t do that, claiming the IST championship banner has no place even in the arena. He says George Mikan must be rolling over in his grave right now! It’s an embarrassment and that LeBron and the Lakers are taking it so seriously is a complete embarrassment for one of the great organizations in sports. Although, LeBron may or may not have been into the banner unveiling.

The Pacers? Sure, they can raise this banner. The Hawks? Why not. But if you’re the Lakers or Celtics, Stugotz says you can’t do it. It’s a meaningless banner!

Greg Cote couldn’t agree more and says he would liken it to the Yankees celebrating the best record in Spring Training with a banner. It’s a made-up tournament, he says, with no history whatsoever. In 15 years, if the IST sticks around and maybe picks up steam, then maybe you do celebrate winning it, Greg says, although Chris notes that the only way to get there is to do exactly what the Lakers are doing and it’s one of the dumbest things his dad has ever said. Right now, Greg says, it’s worth nothing. Mike, meanwhile, would love to know about the tournament that WASN’T made up – they have to start somewhere and often across the globe they happen midseason. And, Mike notes, it looks like the Lakers will only be hanging one IST banner with room for future victories built in.

Stugotz is undeterred, saying the REAL NBA championship banners represent ACCOMPLISHMENTS! But, as Roy points out, isn't this at least on some level an accomplishment? Greg says it’s nothing, but Mike disagrees noting that there was a competition and at the end, the Lakers were the ones left standing. Mike says this will have tradition the more that they do it.

Stugotz continues to argue that the IST banner should be nowhere near Mikan’s banners, which sets Chris off and has Mike pointing out that the naysayers are getting what they want by virtue of the fact that there will be only one IST banner in the rafters in LA and this could establish a precedent other organizations follow when it comes to celebrating an IST title. It’s not being treated like winning the Larry O’Brien trophy/NBA championship, Mike says — it’s being treated as an inaugural tournament that needs to build up its history. And that last part is Dan’s favorite part of Greg’s argument, calling for history from a tournament in its first year. Never change, Greg. And Ya Know It!

Meanwhile, the crew discusses Steelers safety Damontae Kazee being suspended for the rest of the season after a big hit on Michael Pittman Jr., despite Tom Brady saying that it’s on the quarterback for putting players in a bad spot ...


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