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Jets gonna Jets: New York misses the playoffs AGAIN amid Aaron Rodgers return talk

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses yet another season ending in disappointment for Jets fans.

After a season that began with such hope, it looks as though it will end as almost all Jets seasons have ended of late ... in disappointment.

Breaking news alert: Stugotz actually went to a Jets game! Yes, his beloved Gang Green was in Miami and ... it ended about as well as you would have imagined it would going into the game. Injured QB, no points, falling to the bottom of the division. Just another day in the life of a Jets fan. The Jets have now missed the playoffs for the 13th(!) straight season, crowning them the ultimate losers.

So, with the Jets officially eliminated from playoff contention, what does that mean for Aaron Rodgers’ attempt to comeback from a torn Achilles in the season opener? There’s no way they’re going to risk their 40-year-old quarterback coming back from what’s normally a season-ending injury when the team’s offensive line couldn’t protect the much younger Zach Wilson, right? RIGHT?? Well ...

Even Stugotz has to admit it’s crazy. And Stugotz is the man who mistook Jake Owens for his quarterback. Stugotz points out that the Jets have basically bequeathed the entire organization to Rodgers, allowing him to do whatever he wants. Reports have said Rodgers is likely to be cleared to play this week. Stugotz thinks it’s insane for Rodgers to take a SINGLE snap with the Jets eliminated from playoff contention. But he thinks Rodgers is going to do it. It’s not what Stugotz would do, but he’s resigned himself to the fact that it’s something that Rodgers clearly wants to do and wants to prove he can do.

Mike hasn’t bought into the segment because he truly does not believe Rodgers will take the field, but Stugotz thinks Rodgers so badly wants to stick it to his detractors and make recovery history that he’s going to do it. Rodgers isn't saying he’s going to shut things down, he’s trying to do everything he can to get back onto the field. Stugotz says Rodgers has gone so out of his way to show that he can come back that ultimately, good decision or no, Rodgers is going to try to play.

And in all of this, Dan sees player empowerment at work. Rodgers wanted a piece of ownership in the Jets, but that wasn’t allowed. Instead, he’s exercised his power at every turn — whether it be forcing his way to New York, getting the players he wanted with him or doing exactly what he wants when he wants and basically running the franchise as he sees fit. As Stugotz points out, when you have one of the worst organizations in sports and haven’t been to the playoffs in nearly a decade in a half, yes you’re going to make this compromise and yes Rodgers, obviously, went there to grab some of that power.

Meanwhile, Dan and the crew talked about the Wild West of NIL in college football ...


Local Hour: I’m Just Spitballing

  • God Bless Football will come out later today since Billy and Stugotz have an interview scheduled with Austin Ekeler, so we get FRESH TAKES from the duo on the NFL. Then, Stugotz tries to get a sponsorship, Mike Ryan has information but is not a journalist, and the transfer portal has some incredible message-boarding going on. Plus, Chip Kelly has an idea for the future of College Football, Jessica runs out of breath giving takes, Miami going to miss out on its QB?

The Big Suey: Huh... No Piss

  • Dan is embargoing his Dolphins and NFL thoughts, so we’ll get to those later. First, Billy’s phone is racist, no one can find the proper networks on their televisions, and do you have a speaker in your bathroom? Then, Leeman got stuck in an elevator over the weekend, and it leads us to discuss HOW you’d want to get stuck. Do you want someone in there with you? Would you lay down? Would you pee...? Plus, heartbreak for the Cesta Cyclones, Aaron Rodgers still wants to play despite the Jets season being over, and Raheem Mostert is somehow one of the most successful Dolphins of all-time.

Hour 1: ‘pologies

  • Mike’s limited fake Ed Orgeron forces Dan into some reckless speculation. Jessica believes Red Zone should be discounted through the rest of the NFL season, and Chris can’t believe the dissension he’s hearing in the room over the delightful Scott Hanson. Then, two incredible sound bites from Jake Browning and David Njoku, too much Tucci, and Mark Zuckerberg’s doomsday compound leads the crew to discuss how they’d handle the end of the world. Also, Stugotz spoils a new movie. Plus, it’s time for Stu’s Weekend Observations!

Hour 2: What’s in Billy’s Bag?

  • We kick off Hour 2 with QB talk: Jameis Winston brought a briefcase to work to be an inspiration, the “yeah, no” of NFL quarterbacks, the Trevor Lawrence question, and Lamar Jackson’s case for MVP. Then, would you go on a 9-month long cruise? The Shipping Container has some strong opinions on cruise ship food. Plus, Jessica has decided who from the show she’d want to be stuck in an elevator with, Billy takes a look through his bag, the crew watches what may be the worst layup attempt of all-time, and Stugotz has nothing left in the tank.

Postgame Show: Mason!

  • The chunk of flesh ripped out of Tua’s arm leads us to a conversation on the expense of tattoos, and Billy has a question for Chris before we end the show.

God Bless Football: Austin Ekeler on Chargers Changes

  • Stugotz, Billy and Mikey A. react to Week 15. The guys play a game of If The Season Ended today and tell you who would move on in the current playoff matchups. Austin Ekeler joins the show to discuss the Chargers letting go of HC Brandon Staley and GM Tom Telesco. Stugotz has his Top 5 QBs who didn’t start the season as their team’s starter. Billy has his weekly BBBBBB picks headed into MNF.


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