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Did Mets-Yankees bad blood begin because of a crappy reason?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz hears a wild story from David Samson about a massive breach of private jet etiquette.

David Samson joined The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz in the Local Hour on Wednesday with a story that had to be heard to be believed.

It all stemmed from the viral story of a plane bound for Barcelona having to turn around due to a ... biohazard.

Dan wanted to talk about the Barcelona plane incident because David is famously a germaphobe and the incident led to one of the top things you DO NOT want to hear when in a tube in the sky. David noted that he always looks at flight attendants when he flies in order to gauge how scared he should be. David did note that if he were in that spot there’s a chance he would open the emergency exit at 30,000 feet. He also teased that he had “one of the great poop stories in all of baseball.”

And he did not disappoint. We can’t do it justice, you have to hear it for yourself ...

Meanwhile, Lucy took her love of college football to the FSU/LSU game to tailgate ...


Local Hour: Go Pee Pee

  • It’s the David Samson local hour, and it’s off to a very smooth start. David chats with Dan, Stu, Amin, and the crew about Giancarlo Stanton’s 400th HR, Julio Urias, why he’s bothered by the lack of Stephen Ross hate in this market, and a legendary poop story involving a Yankees president. Plus, guaranteed NFL contracts, horse hockey, and David’s Top 5 Football Movies.

The Big Suey: It’s a Whole Megillah

  • Billy can’t take another South Florida playoff run, and Stugotz is sick of renting cars. Then, it’s time for the Stat of the Day...the LONG version. Plus, Jim Harbaugh is here to be the Guardian of Victory.

Hour 1: Fire In The Gut

  • The Walking Dead had no business being the No. 1 show on television, Antonio Brown and O.J. Simpson are doing sports talk, Caleb Williams is using his leverage, and the Arizona Cardinals are terrible. Then, it’s time for Stugotz’s Weekend Observations and Brian Kelly is a new applicant for the list of people Dan will root against.

Hour 2: Onward!

  • It’s time for our final Suey nominations: Best Story! Then, Mitch McConnell has been freezing, James Harden is a mastermind, and there’s more meat on the diarrhea plane story.

Postgame Show: That’s the Wrong Music

  • It’s time for everyone’s favorite game...AGAINST! THE! SPREAD!

Watch more below!


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