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How much are all the other fanbases drinking Miami’s tears after failing to land Dame?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the fallout from the conclusion of the Damian Lillard trade saga.

Even a day later, The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz was still dealing with the fallout of the Dame Lillard trade saga coming to a conclusion.

Dan begins the segment by noting that for many Heat fans, including Mike Ryan, the analysis of the Dame situation will be an anger-filled tantrum lamenting why the Heat didn’t get the all-star and why they weren’t more aggressive in their pursuit. Dan notes that we still don’t truly know what the Heat offered Portland, pointing to the fact that Brian Windhorst said he doesn’t know if Tyler Herro was ever even part of the package. Which makes Tyler Herro’s retweet of Jimmy Butler’s claims of tampering make more sense for Mike Ryan.

Taking a step back for a moment, Dan points out that both Dame and the Blazers likely feel responsible for the other’s success, which is what ultimately may have played a role in the divorce between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in New England. Dan says Lillard tried to protect his relationship with the city and fanbase while at the same time putting the organization in the difficult place of demanding a trade and saying he would only go to one place. And Dan notes that when you do that, you reduce your organization’s ability to conjure up good offers. Dame, he says, tried to take the power from Portland and the Blazers ultimately fought back by not picking up the phone.

So, Mike wonders, Portland just chilled over the summer? And did that work, because Mike says if you look at the package that Portland got, it didn’t add up to all the hypothetical offers thrown about by the media over the summer.

Dan notes that when the crew went live on Wednesday to discuss the breaking trade news, it felt like losing a Finals game. It felt like losing a Finals game because it felt like tens of thousands of people were gathered simply to know what their pain and confusion looked like. Roy during the live pop up used the term spite and Amin called the Blazers petty, but Dan asks if your organization has a long-term relationship with a player and they go out and make it harder for you to get what’s best for your organization because of what he wants, has that organization really been petty? Is it petty to react to Dame’s camp wanting the power and Miami willingly attempting to use that leverage by then turning around and looking for the best offer that’s not Miami?

Mike is tired of the Heat’s excuses because he’s tried to rattle off all the whales Miami has missed out on and he says he always ends up forgetting like five of them, even including Jimmy Butler the first time around. Chris pushes back that Miami has in fact gotten whales before, rightly pointing to the Big 3 in 2010. Spoiled Mike continues to argue that they don’t even get their main trade targets anymore, and Lucy has heard ENOUGH.

Mike remains undeterred and unchastised and wants to know why Pat Riley can’t do what he did in bringing together the Big 3. No Donovan Mitchell. No James Harden, No Kevin Durant. No Bradley Beal. NOTHING! He says the Heat wouldn’t spend, at least when it came to Beal, and he’s MAD.

Chris still wants to know who the Heat wouldn’t give up. He says if you’re the Heat you need to be more proactive and keep throwing out offers, even if the Blazers weren’t responding. If this was about keeping Caleb Martin, Chris said, this is not a good look for the Heat.

But Dan says if you place a value on someone and you’ve got an unwilling trade partner who has the contract power and is willing to break the standard of noting acquiescing to a star’s demands, what do you do when you’ve set a value on that player and aren’t willing to go over it? It’s not as easy as it seems to wheel and deal and reinvent yourself, so Dan says the truth is somewhere in the middle between Mike’s entitled POV and the notion that it’s fair to criticize Heat management for swinging and missing once again.

And when the microphone swung around to Tony, he was ready to COOK!!!!

Meanwhile, the crew wasn’t afraid to showcase just how wrong they all were when it came to the Dame saga ...


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