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Miami cooks while Sean Payton stews amid Broncos beatdown

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the Dolphins’ historic offensive explosion against the Broncos on Sunday.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz was REVELING in the Dolphins’ absolute BEATDOWN of the Broncos.

The Dolphins put up the most points (70) since 1966 and the most yards (726) since 1951. One person who was not reveling in the offensive outburst? Sean Payton, as evidenced by this exchange with a reporter after the game.

This leads Dan to one thought: He regrets coming back, doesn’t he? Dan notes that Payton could have gotten that money anywhere. And Sunday’s performance also begs the question: If Payton got the bag this offseason, what does that make Mike McDaniel worth now after seeing the schematic advantages he had in this one?

The combination of Tua’s accuracy, speed in getting rid of the ball and how far he’s throwing it makes him unstoppable, Dan says. Given how quick Tua’s decision-making has been, Dan thinks a defensive lineman would have to be missed entirely to get to Tua.

The way the Dolphins have played through three games, Dan says, has proven that the team’s preseason expectations were warranted. He does note that the entire thing is built on something fragile, as you still have to always have the fear of a Tua injury in the back of your mind, but Tua is showing the growth that comes with more reps in the NFL and Dan knows this offense looks differently now with Tua under center than it did with Skylar Thompson at the helm. It’s not the same without Tua.

Adding injury to insult for Payton? Dan brings back up a FREEZING cold take from Sean’s past ...


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