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Do fans need to occasionally be reminded how violent football truly is?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the gruesome injury to Browns running back Nick Chubb.

Nick Chubb suffered a gruesome injury on Monday night and The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discussed the fallout on Tuesday.

Billy Gil started out by suggesting that if the injury is so bad that the broadcast won’t show it, please don’t share it all around the artist formerly known as Twitter.

Chris said he feels like he didn’t see it that much, especially compared to the Kevin Ware injury. In fact, Stugotz says it’s BILLY who needs to learn — you know it’s going to be on social media, so stay off of it. Tony takes a different tact, saying that maybe we DO need to see the injury. We need to see what these guys go through for our entertainment. It’s a gladiator sport, he says, To pay them, and to make sure they’re taken care of after football, that’s why it’s important to see it, Tony says.

Chris admits that fantasy football has made his first thought when a guy gets hurt, “Is he on my team.” Lucy thinks that perhaps we should keep some of these things to ourselves, but Dan actually sides with Tony on this one. Yes, he’s squeamish and doesn’t really want to see it, but perhaps we all need that reminder every once in a while just how horrific football can be. Dan says what happened to the economy of the sport is that all of football realized that in a super violent sport, running backs are more or less “disposable.”

Billy does point out that these occasional reminders of how ultra-violent the sport is won’t change anyone’s practices, so what’s the point? But Dan points out that when your first reaction is, “Is he on my fantasy team?” we probably shouldn’t be quite that cold and that’s where athletes get even more dehumanized.

Meanwhile, Kevin Hart joins Dan for the latest South Beach Sessions, airing Friday at 9 p.m. ET on Samsung TV Plus, Roku or anywhere else you watch DraftKings Network. Check out the clip below for a taste of their conversation.


Local Hour: On The Hooch

  • Greg Cote is nervous about getting a haircut later on today’s show, and he’s also here to say a couple of the oldest phrases you’ve ever heard. Dan and Billy discuss the Marlins losing a huge game in a playoff race on a fair ball vs. foul ball controversy in 2023. Plus, how are we supposed to discuss athletes like Deshaun Watson and Tyreek Hill? And is Bill Belichick just Dave Wannstedt?

The Big Suey: A Guy Named Jack Hammer

  • Y’all ever think about how good Tom Brady was? Then, Dan knows he needs to stop talking about Deion Sanders so much, so we’ve brought back an old device to keep track of his behavior. Plus, Dan, Tony, and Stu dish out their expertise on executing a perfect headbutt without getting injured. Also, we need to cover the Colts better, Dadurday is spreading across the nation, and Greg Cote shares the details of his decrepit mailbox.

Hour 1: We’re Sorry, Andrew Van Ginkel

  • Dolphins linebacker Andrew Van Ginkel joins the show as we pick from the Bucket of Death for Tony, Lucy, and Greg, and he better like a good rummage. We ask Andrew about Dadurday, his hair, advice for Lucy on being from Iowa and making friends in Miami, and a whole lot more. Then, it’s time for Lucas the Barber to join the show and cut Greg Cote’s hair! Lucas explains his approach with Greg’s hair and why Tony has a special price before we hear a Greg Cote cover of a Waylon Jennings song from the 1970s.

Hour 2: It Could Be Worse

  • Greg Cote’s haircut continues into Hour 2 as we start to see a plan take shape... could this be Greg’s best look since Chris’s teen years? Then, Billy has a new social media rule, and running backs continue to go down in the NFL. Plus, Mike Schur is here to discuss the Writers Strike, do an impression of a Dolphins fan, and deliver his Stat of the Day. Plus, Jay Glazer is here to deliver some top tier football analysis and watch as we reveal Greg’s new look to his wife.

Postgame Show: Horrifying Climate Fact of the Day feat. Adam McKay

  • Adam McKay is here to announce his new internship with Meadowlark Media searching for our Horrifying Climate Fact of the Day, but he has more interest in taking over other people’s segments.

Watch more below!


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