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Is Giannis greasing the skids for his exit from Milwaukee?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses recent comments by Giannis Antetokounmpo which appear to put pressure on the Bucks to win ... or else.

Is Giannis looking to chart a path out of Milwaukee? The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discussed some interesting comments made by the Greek Freak recently on a podcast.

Dan says he was genuinely surprised when Giannis voluntarily created drama in Milwaukee about his future with the franchise. Amin didn’t necessarily agree with that assessment.

Amin says that Giannis is a nice guy, but unfortunately, sometimes people take that niceness for granted. People will think “he’s different” and won’t want to leave and the organization might have a lack of sense of urgency. So, Amin says Giannis had to put the team on notice and this is Giannis letting the team know that the status quo is not cool and that perhaps he wasn’t happy with the additions made in the offseason.

Mike also points out that this is a new ownership group and that might be a factor in what’s going on here, however, Mike also doesn’t want to discount the Bucks bringing everyone back given that they were sort of in cap hell. He said he thinks this is a case that Giannis is keeping ownership in check.

Amin points out that Giannis will be eligible for an extension soon and he doesn’t want people to think it’s just going to be a pro forma situation where he just signs up for more years. No, Amin thinks Giannis is saying that he wants to see how this season goes and see how the organization reacts in order for the team to have longer-term success.

One of the interesting things that Dan finds about the timing of this move by Giannis is how many Bucks fans are looking back at the Heat series and looking at Giannis with a little bit of blame in their eyes? He points out that some would argue that the Bucks were upset not because Giannis didn’t have enough help, but rather because of Giannis’ play at the end of games. Dan says he understands how great a player Giannis is, but when they lost that fault didn’t fall with anyone else more than it fell to Giannis. Yes, he was hurt, but how does he escape that criticism? Let’s not forget that if not for Kevin Durant’s shoe size Giannis may not have a championship at all. Amin points out the Dirk was soft ... until he won a title. Then he was never soft again. Winning a titlte changes everything.

Jeremy points out that one difference in the Giannis dynamic compared to other small-market superstars is that Giannis did with that championship, so he doesn’t really have that much to prove to Milwaukee, although he may still have some work to do to reach the ceiling others have set for him. Amin points. out the Jrue Holiday could never win another championship and people will still call him a champion. Brook Lopez. Khris Middleton same story, everywhere they go they’re golden. If Giannis never wins another title? You only won one?

Meanwhile, Tony is back and he’s back doing Tony things ...


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