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The Truth is DWade loves living rent-free in Paul Pierce’s head

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz welcomes the Miami Heat legend and 2023 Naismith Hall of Fame Inductee to discuss his rivalry with his former Celtics rival and more.

Dwyane Wade joined the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz for a wide-ranging interview about life, marriage but also about his blood feud with former Celtic Paul Pierce which seems like it will never die.

Pierce re-fanned the flames once again by claiming that he’s better than Wade and that if he had been with the Heat in Wade’s place he would have won multiple championships too.

Of course, there’s no way Stugotz could let Wade’s appearance go by without asking about the “jackass” Pierce. Stugotz point blank asked Wade if he’s ever wanted to tell Pierce to shut the F up. Wade had a ready-made response in a Flash (pun intended).

Somebody better get The Truth some burn cream!

Dan proceeded to rub salt in the wound by pointing out that while Pierce was celebrating his lone championship in the spas of Las Vegas, Wade was assembling his own Avengers and decimating the Celtics’ Big Three. “That’s forever,” Dan said, noting that Pierce will always have to live with the fact that while he was celebrating Wade came for everything and just took it.

Wade, of course, ate it up, saying he loved the sentiment and that it’s all documented. He added that he doesn’t need to say anything, so he’ll go ahead and people like the Le Batard crew say it because it sounds better coming from them. Wade noted that he’s done playing basketball and he’s done comparing himself to someone not playing or even someone playing the game, it’s not his challenge anymore. But he liked how Dan put his decimation of Pierce into stark relief.

Wade noted that he got tired of defenses hyper-focusing on him because he lacked other weapons, and he’s sure LeBron felt the same and that’s why they got together. He said when you’re coming up the court and you have everyone, including the coach, looking at you calling out all your moves and plays while leaving your teammates open you don’t want to do that as a great player. Hence, he went out and assembled his Avengers leading to a lot of people in their feelings around the league.

Wade noted that he’s happy with his career, and he doesn’t know who’s not happy with theirs, but he’s happy with how his went.

Wade also opened up about his family life, including his relationship with his father and his wife ...

Check out the breakdown of Tuesday’s show below.


Local Hour: “Make The Smartest Show” – Dan

  • It’s the DLS star-studded telethon with Pablo, Domonique, Greg, and Stugotz ALL filling in for Dan. Dan’s message was to “make the smartest show,” so the crew dives into the origin of Truck Nutz. Then, Pablo and Domonique deliver their thoughts on religion (no, actually) and Greg explains his new beef with Hall of Famer Zach Thomas.

The Big Suey: Dinner Is For Winners

  • Pablo wants to assemble the Council of Dads as Domonique tells us about coaching his kid’s flag football team and trying not to get too competitive. Then, we finally divide the crew into “Older and...” and “Younger and Smarter.” Greg and Stu kick things off with a conversation about Stu wanting to do a Fantasy Football podcast and the loser mentality of the youth of America. Domonique and Pablo break down why watching young cornerbacks reminds him of watching young people create content on social media. Plus, who invented the back shoulder fade?

Hour 1: Pretender or Contender

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Hour 2: Dwyane Wade

  • Before Dwyane Wade joins the show, we discuss Jeff Teague’s recent comments comparing Wade and James Harden, Wade vs. Paul Pierce, and how much our surroundings determine our success. Then, Demarcus Ware sings the National Anthem, Domonique and the Ravens “hymn,” the Cha Cha Slide, and some more pretender or contender. Plus, HALL OF FAMER Dwyane Wade joins us to discuss fatherhood, growth, basketball, and so much more.

Postgame Show: Dan and Ricky Discuss Lebo

  • Dan and Ricky share an emotional Postgame Show as they speak for the first time since Lebo’s passing.

Watch more below!


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