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Is the criticism of the USWNT fair?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the sentiment against the USWNT following their exit at the Women’s World Cup.

Christian Polanco and Alexis Guerreros from The Cooligans joined the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to discuss the USWNT’s elimination at the World Cup and the subsequent fallout.

Dan was shocked by the reaction to the U.S. women’s team’s loss, with some seemingly laughing at the team. He also thought it was ridiculous for some to argue that they thought Megan Rapinoe didn’t care because they don’t like her politics when this team is where it is because of how much she cares. Dan notes that it’s not fair to say this team deserves no criticism, as their coach Vlatko Andonovski wasn’t very good and didn’t trust the young players, while the players looked a little bit old and maybe injured.

Christian notes that people have been waiting 12 years for this moment so they could criticize this team. He says people wanted them to lose in 2015, they wanted them to lose in 2019. Really, he says, the moment when Rapinoe said she wouldn’t go to the White House was the moment when she became a target. He says it’s hard to criticize when you are dominant and winning. Christian also agrees with Dan that the USWNT was so dominant and successful that it led other countries to step up their game. Christian says that he knew that whether the team won or not, the tweets were coming. And it happened as he expected. It’s not surprising, he says, but it doesn’t take away from the inspiration that the USWNT has brought to American soccer and to the country.

But did they choke or not?

NO, according to Christian and Alexis!!!

Alexis said more than anything it was the coach’s fault and he could care less about the reaction. He points out that 99.9 percent of the people reacting have never seen a game and couldn’t name a player outside of Rapinoe or Alex Morgan. He also had an apt analogy for those who don’t understand it all.

Dan points out that women, throughout sports, have long been better activists than men, basically starting with the USWNT. So, to have an anti-American sentiment and laugh with glee at them losing actually shows how strong they’ve been — they’ve been that much of a leader and that dominant that you made people pay attention to a champion in women’s soccer when this country did not care about that 25 years ago. Dan says they’re the biggest bad asses ever! And they should get equal pay at the very least — they’ve been better than the men’s team for 20 years!

Alexis even points out that they were so dominant that their impact went beyond even their own country’s borders.

Domonique Foxworth does want to chime in with some criticism, however, noting that you can’t hold onto the past. He notes that sticking with Alex Morgan didn’t make sense when you’ve got players like Trinity Rodman, Sophie Smith and Alyssa Thompson available. Christian agrees, although he does think calling Morgan “washed” as Domonique did is a little aggressive. However, he does take it back to the coach not responding to how things unfolded before him. He says not responding to Morgan struggling in the first two games is on the coach. Christian says it’s odd to him that there was so much focus and criticism on the USMNT’s coaching during its World Cup tournament in 2022, but when it’s the USWNT everyone is instead focused on the players and not the coach.

In the end, Christian says he thinks Vlatko won’t be with the USWNT much longer.

Meanwhile, the show had to continue to address Stugotz’s flirtation with WFAN last week ...

Check out the breakdown of Monday’s show below.


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