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Is Joe Montana wrong about the GOAT debate?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses whether Joe Montana is right about who is the greatest QB ever and if the debate is actually even over.

It was a landmark day in the history of The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz ... until it wasn’t.

Dan and Roy were ready to celebrate the end of a nearly 40-year debate. In an “end of the Internet” moment, Joe Montana has declared Dan Marino the greatest of all-time.

Case closed right? Not so fast, my friends, says the nation’s foremost Montana-Marino expert ... Stugotz! Yes, Stu was ready to play hurt in order to declare that Joe Cool was WRONG!!! Just pay no attention to the bag of peas strapped to his face with an ab belt.

It’s not over until STUGOTZ says it’s over!!! Stu doesn’t care that it’s Joe Montana with an opinion on Joe Montana. He’s wrong, Stu says. Brady is GOAT and Montana is better than Marino. Stop being Joe Humble!!! Just count the rings, baby!

Furthermore, Stugotz wants to know why are we asking Montana? He’s not going to give us the answer we want. The debate will rage on forever!!! Jessica and/or the shipping container will still be debating this topic after everyone else is long gone from the show.

Make sure to stick around for the best dismount in the history of the show!

Meanwhile, another day means another set of Suey Award nominations ...


Local Hour: The Debate Lives On

  • David Samson joins Dan, Amin, and the Shipping Container for his weekly Thursday Local Hour. David touches on David Robertson blowing games, the Rays plate approach, the Cardinals tank, and a legendary Will McDonough fight. Then, Amin sets a world record for apologies by a sports debater while explaining the current NBA Referee scandal. Plus, is this the end of Marino-Montana as we know it?!?!?

The Big Suey: The International Sound of Whatever

  • Inter Miami did not win last night...but they also did not lose. With the fans forming by the minute in Miami, Amin and Dan debate the demographic fandom of soccer in the United States. Then, the Magic Crate of Content returns! Plus, Florida is an underdog against Utah, Dan wants to discuss the Izzy-Amin debacle, and Rashad McCants infuriates Gilbert Arenas.

Hour 1: Foot Girls

  • Eben Novy-Williams joins the show to discuss the latest Barstool Sports. Then, it’s time for for the Suey Nominations for Best Limited Fake. Plus, there’s an uncomfortable conflict between Mike and Jess as we try to figure out how to name Jess & Lucy’s new College Football segment.

Hour 2: Salute to the Farters

  • Jess and Lucy recap Week 0 in College Football in their new soon-to-be-named segment! Then, Amin is struggling, Jess is always on here phone, and Mike introduces us to a new game. Plus, Amin has real issues with Roy for his takes on airplane windows.

Postgame Show: Florida Tinge

  • Amin has had a truly horrible day on the job, and he knows it. Plus, it’s time for Thursday Thunder and to update the Polls!

Watch more below!


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