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Swamp Kings wasn’t a football doc, it was an Urban Meyer redemption tour

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the lowlights of the new Netflix Untold documentary on the University of Florida football program.

On Wednesday, The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz started off with a game of What’s Good? But, very quickly it turned into a game of What’s Bad, as they moved on to talk about the new Untold documentary on Netflix about the University of Florida football program, titled Swamp Kings.

Israel Gutierrez immediately noticed looking at the episode descriptions that the doc was not going to get into any of the issues the program had during this era. Then once Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow both used the term “brotherhood” in short succession he had to turn it off, before going back to it a few hours later. Izzy basically called it their version of Inside the U, but not even as detailed as that. He notes he’s seen two out of four episodes and the chorus from the room is to not finish.

Lucy notes that the doc doesn’t talk about anything. She says she had low expectations going into it and feared the partying stories would be glossed over. Well, she says, they didn’t even bother to gloss over the partying, rather just completely ignoring it. She points out that there was one five-minute or so segment that got into it a little bit, but then it immediately transitioned to Tim Tebow. You know who wasn’t crazy, the doc says? Tim Tebow. You know who didn’t party, the doc says? Tim Tebow.

Lucy says the doc was a level of bad where she doesn’t even want to give it the satisfaction of calling it a football doc. No, she says it was just an Urban Meyer Redemption Tour doc.

Don’t try to make her feel bad for Urban Meyer! It will only make her hate him more!

Izzy points out that Meyer tries to paint the picture that he brought discipline to the program and that the issues were really before he arrived. But in reality, all these showed was how much harder they worked on the field and insane things like the mat drill. That led to one of the few highlights for Lucy, where one former player said he would never let his kids know what they did in those practices. Izzy points out the Brandon Spikes noted that he came to Florida to play football and these other guys were out there preparing as if they were going into the army and he wasn’t about that.

Jeremy added that as they were talking about all this he realized he couldn’t care less about this aspect of the Gators from this era and says this is not what the doc should have been about. Billy wonders if Netflix knew this was going to be a dud and that’s why they left it for the last episode of the third volume of Untold. BIlly said it was the big selling point for the volume that everybody was excited about and now you have a few months to forget about how bad it was.

The thing that upset Lucy most was when Meyer said on camera in a new interview that the team had a core value which was if you hit a woman you were out. Of course, while at Ohio State, Meyer was alleged to have known about one of his coaches was accused of being involved in a domestic violence incident and looked the other way. At that point, she felt as if Meyer must be producing the doc as it felt like such a puff piece. Jeremy’s shock was evident on his face and he simply could not believe that the doc came in UNDER the extremely low bar everyone had already set for it. He figured it would likely just be a celebration of Tim Tebow, but he said if it’s an Urban Meyer celebration doc what are we even doing?


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