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Is it for the best that Taylor Swift turned DOWN the Super Bowl?!?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses who should and could be the halftime act in Las Vegas.

Should the NFL be HAPPY that Taylor Swift reportedly turned down the Super Bowl halftime show?

Mike says it makes sense the Super Bowl would shoot for the moon with Swift — an ultra-popular star at or near their peak popularity and in line with other recent halftime acts that have been more contemporary artists.

Mike is here for the recent contemporary pop acts for the halftime show, but ultimately he’d like a mixture. He says it makes sense that the NFL at least had to make an offer to Swift to perform at halftime given she’s in a stratosphere that really only Beyonce can also claim at the moment. But did Taylor really do the NFL a solid by turning it down? Mike thinks so! Because let’s face it, it would have been a ticketing NIGHTMARE if the Swifties converged on the Super Bowl. I mean, we’ve seen the issues her current Eras Tour has had when it comes to ticketing. Billy Gil does point out that it would have been somewhat humorous to see the stadium half-empty in the fourth quarter because all the Swifites had bounced after she wrapped up her set.

Mike does a suggestion for what he calls a slam dunk halftime act — the Killers!!! He says that with the Super Bowl in Las Vegas for the first time, it would be poetic to have the hometown act which also doubles as one of the few modern rock acts with mass appeal perform at halftime. With the Killers themselves likely not far from nostalgia act status — seriously, Mr. Brightside came out in 2004! 2004! — it would be a fine career-capping moment to have them play on one of the biggest stages available in their hometown.

Mike argues that the Killers are an inoffensive band with plenty of hits and play to a crowd that has largely been ignored in recent years by the halftime show, so why does it seem like it’s not even being considered? Jeremy also points out that the Killers make a lot of sense because they’re used to headlining festivals where they play to a massive crowd that may not be there to see them specifically but can be won over by their hits. And they could collab with other Las Vegas acts! It’s so perfect! And let’s face it, they’re no Maroon 5.

Mike also points out that Taylor Swift can headline when the Super Bowl inevitably comes to Nashville. Israel Gutierrez has a simple question: Why not Drake? Mike says he’s not saying Drake shouldn’t headline a halftime show, but this is the Killers’ one shot at the gig. They can only do it in Vegas, it only makes sense there. Drake can do it anywhere.

And the segment wraps with a Killers singalong with Mike REALLY hitting the high notes.

Meanwhile, Chris Cote comes up with a new game to sweep the nation, but is immediately taken down by Lucy Rohden ...


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