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Has college football conference realignment finally become too stupid for its own good?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the latest in the ever-changing landscape of conference realignment.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of college football conference realignment.

With the destruction of the Pac-12 near complete, won’t anyone think of Cal and Stanford? Well, some in the ACC of all places have suggested that they could have a home there. But, that solution appears to be somewhat unlikely.

But that didn’t stop the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz crew from discussing the sheer insanity of it all this week.

Poor Lucy Rohden has been left to, as Pablo notes, grind her teeth over all of this. Lucy says she loves college football so much because it is stupid, but it has now gotten to the point where it is TOO STUPID! Nothing says Atlantic Coast Conference like Cal, Stanford and SMU. Welcome to the Atlantic Coast, Palo Alto, Berkeley and Dallas!

Lucy notes that when USC and UCLA went to the Big Ten it was quirky and weird, but now it’s just gotten stupid. Chris points out these conferences need name changes, which Pablo agrees and wants to know when these names are going to change. The Big 1, perhaps!

Jessica likes that we’ve basically all come around to Chip Kelly’s thoughts of praising Notre Dame for being independent and that college football should be separate from a school’s Olympic sports. She feels like we’re going to see all the leaders of the Olympic/”non-revenue generating” sports come together to assert that they need a say in all of this movement as it has all become ridiculous.

Amin notes that he’s talked to hoops coaches like Jim Boeheim and Bob Huggins notes that they’re pissed about all of this. He says he’s never seen a staff angrier than the West Virginia staff upon learning they were leaving the Big East, with its conference tournament at MSG in New York, for the Big 12. But it’s football dictating all of this. Football is ruining these conferences, ruining these rivalries, he says. Amin agrees with Chip Kelly — separate football from everything else and let your regular sports play in a regular conference so we can have things like ACC and Big East basketball.

Pablo says he does like that Notre Dame, amidst the great unbundling and re-bundling of college sports, is basically just running a Patreon, demanding direct payment in exchange for their football games. Jessica laments the Peacock of it all when it comes to her beloved Notre Dame, but does note that these ACC rumors are especially silly because they’re not going to be making that much more money and any more money they’ll be in line to get from re-opening their ESPN deal sounds like it’s just going to be offset by the increased travel costs. So it seems like something that makes very little sense and that the ACC is doing in an attempt to remain relevant.

Furthermore, Lucy wonders if re-opening this TV deal to admit new members actually gives disgruntled members like Florida State and others an avenue to exit the conference for greener pastures. She also notes that there are effects across the board for all sports and they’re all bad! Amateur sports everyone!


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