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Did Johnny Football lie about covering up a drug test in college???

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the Johnny Manziel doc and looks back at his potential dishonesty earlier in the week.

Johnny Manziel joined the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz for a wide-ranging interview on Monday in advance of his “Untold” doc on Netflix, but it seems he may not have been entirely truthful and Chris Cote may be due an apology.

Before we get to that, Pablo points out that Johnny Football does not look like a Prom King QB, but rather a little kid who got a blank check on which he wrote that he wanted EVERYTHING.

When Lucy notes that it’s as if a trust fund kid got access early, Domonique points out that Johnny being a rich kid turned out to be a lie with Pablo adding that was one of the big revelations. The genesis of that tall tale comes from Johnny’s autograph kerfuffle, in which his 19-year-old buddy named Uncle who was in charge of the whole thing said Johnny came from an oil family to throw suspicion off the fact that he was really making money by selling autographs, Lucy points out that Johnny LOOKS like a kid who came from an oil family and Jessica notes that it’s perfect because it was so vague and ambiguous.

Domonique points out that the dishonesty of Johnny Football and Uncle Nate at that time was juxtaposed with the unethical nature of the NCAA, so they’re almost positioned as heroes for part of it, but he says in defense of the filmmakers it doesn’t feel like the doc was set up to be some sort of redemption story.

When Amin points out that in Johnny’s appearance earlier in the week on the show it looked like he turned over a new leaf, Lucy brings the heat. She points out that in his appearance earlier in the week Johnny was very irritated when Chris Cote asked if he bought a teammate’s urine to pass a drug test and denied it, but then in the documentary HIS AGENT CONFIRMED IT!!! JUSTICE FOR CHRIS COTE!!!!

As Amin says, Ol’ Johnny Football is back at it again! But as Pablo points out, if you’re going to have a bad breakup with your agent, make sure they aren’t a good storyteller because Johnny’s ex-agent was giving up EVERYTHING in the doc! Plus, as Pablo points out, Johnny Football using the adverb “necessarily” gives the slightest shaft of sunlight of doubt as to whether they’re telling the truth.

However, after listening to Johnny Football’s denial which has now been brought into question, Amin has one big takeaway — Chris Cote was doing his impression of Dan Le Batard. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all. Pablo is more focused on the fact that Chris seemed to be doing his best “Italian speaking hands” impression and a new meme has been born. Hopefully, it can replace the “angry, beardless Chris” meme that has been in the ether. Again, I say, JUSTICE FOR CHRIS COTE!!!!

Check out the breakdown of Thursday’s show below.


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The Big Suey: Johnny Manziel’s Jib

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Watch more below!


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