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Dan Le Batard announces the passing of his younger brother, David, at age 50

Dan opened up about his hardest year ever and eulogizes his best friend of 50 years.

Dan Le Batard shared some sad news at the beginning of Tuesday’s show.

Dan revealed that his younger brother, David, a 50-year-old Miami street artist known as Lebo, passed away Tuesday morning after an extended illness. His obituary from the Miami Herald can be found here.

Below is the live video of the Local Hour where Dan spoke about losing someone who had been his best friend for 50 years:

Dan said when you put a clock on it knowing you have limited time, you value the moments you get because you don’t know how many you’re going to get. He also noted that because it wasn’t a sudden thing he was able to spend the last year saying all the things and got a chance to appreciate his brother, say goodbye and pour out his heart to him. Dan said there was grace and freedom to be there with his brother as the end neared and to be able to be in his ear telling him it was OK to go, that he was safe, that he didn’t have a reason to be scared and to see him stop suffering and be peaceful. Dan said amid the horror of his passing was a seismic and great beauty that he’ll forever be grateful for.

Condolences came pouring in after Dan made the sad announcement.

We here at DraftKings Network would like to pass along our deepest condolences to Dan and the entire Le Batard family at this time. We’ll leave you with this video of Lebo painting live on Dan’s show a few years ago. Rest in peace, Lebo.