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Amin’s message to Draymond? SHUT UP!!!

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the Warriors star starting a Twitter beef with KG over a fake quote.

Draymond Green is in the news again, this time for starting a Twitter beef with Kevin Garnett over a quote from KG about the Draymond-Jordan Poole altercation. The only problem? The quote was fake.

Of course, The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz had to talk about Draymond’s latest incident and who better to bring on than the co-host of the new show Oddball — check out the show’s YouTube page as well as the DraftKings YouTube page and follow the show on Twitter — Charlotte Wilder!

After noting that she has been forbidden from quote tweeting due to also getting taken by fake accounts in the past, Charlotte breaks it down for Dan, who notes that he’s also been fooled plenty over the last 18 months. After being taken by the fake quote, Draymond tweeted for the first time since June and relays a story trying to dunk on KG, only to have KG reject it due to it being fake and from “NBA Centel” and not “NBA Central” while also calling on Elon Musk to fix it all before Draymond deleted the initial tweet.

Amin says the problem is we got a very real story from Draymond that we would have never known as a result of a very fake quote. Dan points out that now Draymond is always ready for a fight — vs. the internet, vs. Kevin Garnett, you name it — because he’s become intoxicated by the sound of his own voice and because he keeps getting rewarded for every single fight he gets into.

Amin says Dray gets rewarded for winning, he’s a winner. But he gets into fights. Amin then brings up Draymond talking about Chris Paul and how in the past he’s said he didn’t like him and that won’t suddenly change just because he’s a teammate now, but he is ready to talk amongst men and CP3 is a pro and he’s looking forward to going to work with a pro. To all of that, Amin has a message to Draymond ...

“Shut the hell up, man.”

To clarify, Amin understands what Draymond is saying, but his point is that Draymond doesn’t need to say all of this out loud. Amin says you can keep some things in-house until after you’re done with this part of your career.

Charlotte points out that Draymond has a thing he keeps saying. On the Pat Bev podcast, he noted that the Poole incident didn’t just happen but had been building to a crescendo and that there are some things you don’t say amongst men. Followed by him responded to Jordan Poole’s dad on Twitter by saying to stop what he’s saying because those words don’t go over well amongst men. And, of course, Amin just brought up that same phrase when Draymond was talking about CP3. Charlotte thinks it’s very interesting that Draymond has the phrase “amongst men” stuck in his head and he’s used it three times in very short succession.

Dan asks if it’s fair for Draymond to publicly put out there that he’s been consistent about not getting along with CP3 and remind him very publicly that this is HIS team that CP3 is about to join. Remind him that he may be the guy who punches people in the package, but Draymond’s the guy who kicks people in the package (as evidenced by Charlotte’s Zoom background) and there’s only room for one of them! As Amin notes, package protection is going to be at an all-time high this season when teams play the Warriors.

Getting back to it, Amin says the reality is this — the thing that got Jordan Poole traded was that he didn’t play well this past season. If he had played up to the potential the Warriors thought he had he would still be there. The reality is Poole was spiraling and, despite all his antics, Draymond brings it, he’s still the engine that makes that offense go.

Meanwhile, Tony wants to be taken seriously as an NFL analyst ...

Check out the breakdown of Thursday’s show below.


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