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Could Bill Belichick really be on the hot seat?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses whether the Patriots’ legendary coach is really in danger of losing his job.

Bill Belichick has won six Super Bowls and is considered one of the all-time greatest coaches in any sport. But after a few down seasons since the departure of Tom Brady in 2020, is the hoodie on the hot seat?

Patriots insider Tom E. Curran of NBC Sports Boston says not only is Belichick on the hot seat but he’s been on the hot seat to varying degrees since 2019! But does The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz crew buy that?

Immediately the crew is incredulous, with Chris Cote saying that it’s more likely that Belichick is on vacation and literally sat on a hot seat. However, he does quickly pivot that it’s not like we haven’t seen similar stories play out in the past where a legend doesn’t necessarily get fired but rather gets pushed out.

Greg Cote does point out that the legendary Don Shula did not leave the Dolphins entirely of his own volition. Greg notes that Shula would never have been fired, but he may have been coaxed into “retirement” since Jimmy Johnson was available. However, Tony asks an important question: You’re going to get rid of Belichick to bring in who? There’s no ready-made replacement. And Greg points out that in the post-Brady era, how good a job is New England anyway? He calls the Patriots the fourth-best team in the division and notes that they don’t have a franchise quarterback (sorry, Mac Jones).

Never fear though, Pats fans, Stugotz has a name at the ready: Tom Brady. Unless, of course, he’s playing for the Raiders, as Tony points out. Greg wonders if anyone could actually envision Brady on the sidelines, but Stugotz says he’d be great simply because he’s Tom Brady. Greg points out that Brady has never coached at any level, but Stugotz suggests that may not be a prerequisite any longer and highlights Mike Vrabel (who, it should be pointed out, did spend several years working his way up the coaching ranks before getting the top job in Tennessee).

But let’s not lose sight of the important things — who looks like football? Because Vrabel looks like football.

Getting back to the topic at hand, Greg asks if there has ever been a great QB has gone on to become a good coach (he can’t think of one). In other sports it’s not the stars who go on to become good coaches, it’s the journeymen and bench guys who stand out in the coaching ranks. Jim Harbaugh was a solid QB in his day, but as Jeremy points out there have been five Hall of Fame QBs have gone on to become head coaches and none even have a .500 winning percentage.

But fear not, Stugotz says Brady will change all that by sheer virtue of his sheer Brady-ness.

Meanwhile, did you know that Blue Herons are thugs? Thanks to Ron Magill now you know, and knowing is half the battle ...

Check out the breakdown of Tuesday’s show below.


Local Hour: Splitting Hairs

  • Dan wants to get younger and smarter, and as John Skipper rushes into town to help, it’s Stugotz and Greg Cote to the rescue. Stugotz tells us about his confusion between Aaron Rodgers and Jake Owen and why “always winning” is written into his character. Then, Dan’s reporting on the Damian Lillard saga sent Heat Twitter into a frenzy. We break down Dan’s reporting, the way it was misinterpreted, the hellscape of Heat Twitter, and Greg Cote questions the difference between’s Woj’s slanted story on behalf of Portland and what Dan is reporting on the Heat. Plus, Dan recounts the time he cried in the Miami Herald bathroom while trying to break news, Greg checks his podcast downloads, Yeti Blanc has a new song, and the crew discusses corporate money’s influence over Journalism.

The Big Suey: The Bears Are Bangin’

  • Dan’s professional world is changing around him, and Stugotz has some words of encouragement: “Ditch Journalism.” Then, Ron Magill joins the show to answer our animal questions. He tells us about why we saw a bear in Homestead, why Blue Herons are thugs, and more. Plus, Jeremy thinks he could get past a tiger, there’s nothing sharper than a scalpel, and the deck shoe.

Hour 1: Teller About It

  • Stugotz tells us about his run in with Miles Teller at the Grateful Dead show and why his wife is finally attracted to him. He also shares a patriotic moment he witnessed with T.J. Oshie. Then, Mike Schur is here to discuss Stugotz’s Rodgers-Owen flub, accuse us of racism for our “who is baseball” game, explain why the 90s Yankees were compilers, and criticize our Tyler Herro takes.

Hour 2: Stugotz Is An Avid Golfer

  • Greg is glad he didn’t win the $900 million lottery because he doesn’t want the burden of having to give money to the people closest to him. Stugotz is furious at the way people are criticizing his golf game, and Jeremy gets cocky about his. Plus, Stu and Greg are excited about Messi, and we play a quick game of ‘Old Faces, New Places.’

Postgame Show: Oh Gosh (Uncensored)

  • Jeremy’s golf game gets criticized and he can’t say no to saving the environment.

Watch more below!


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