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What’s the biggest takeaway from the bombshell PGA TOUR-LIV Golf merger?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz breaks down Tuesday’s blockbuster news that the rival golf organizations will come together.

The sports world was rocked on Tuesday morning as the PGA TOUR and LIV Golf merged and The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz definitely had some thoughts.

Dan points out that somehow it seemed unsurprising that the country club golfers would splinter and go after Saudi money and that would be how golf was bought. Dan says the Saudis knew that with all their cash it would be easy to buy golf. And boy, did it happen fast.

Mike Ryan points out that no one saw this coming and the negotiations were kept very tight-lipped. He also points out that the PGA TOUR member base is FURIOUS. It’s been reported that the golfers found out at the same time everyone else did — which Collin Morikawa seemingly confirmed. This after taking a stand and spurning significant money from LIV only to find themselves now aligned with LIV with no time to really prepare for such a bombshell.

Stugotz said that perhaps the PGA TOUR felt its legal position in its ongoing litigation with LIV was perilous and represented a financial threat to the organization — something that it cannot risk given it does not have an endless well of money like LIV Golf does.


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Stugotz also pointed out that there are going to be certain players — Tiger and Rory, anyone? — who really backed the PGA TOUR and feel like they’ve been stabbed in the back. He argues that those golfers felt they backed what they thought was right about the game, the tour that was the right tour to be on and didn’t take big guaranteed bucks and now the guys who did make the morally questionable choice for the money and now they’re the ones being rewarded.

Dan notes that given individual greed being what it is, this bombshell news is both shocking for a number of reasons but at the same time not something that should surprise us at all. It’s how you buy stuff, he says, especially with dirty money.

Mike notes that it is surprising, especially from a business standpoint as it appeared as though LIV was actually failing. They were exiled to the CW of all places and they were having to pay to be on the CW! It’s a stunner he says and he can’t wait for more reporting to come out. He also points out that it appears as though the guys who took the money now look like the smartest guys in the room — they took the bag and now they’re going to more than likely get the TOUR card back.

Stugotz says Brooks Koepka is one of the big winners here — he took the money and he just won the PGA Championship in May. Stugotz understands why certain guys are upset, but does point out that when Phil Mickelson started this he said he was doing it to poke at the PGA TOUR and show that it wasn’t paying the players enough money. Dan responds that it’s wonderfully symbolic that Mickelson of all people is the one to symbolically lead the effort which led to this moment where golf has been bought.

Stugotz also points out that while Phil may be greedy, the PGA TOUR itself is also greedy. He notes that the TOUR has made a lot of changes in an effort to fight back against the tide of players leaving for LIV. Dan says he loves the symbolism of Mickelson now getting to be a freedom fighter and a pioneer for taking the Saudi money! He calls it comedy. Mike does say that it will be interesting how history remembers Phil because he’s the one who made this all kind of work and took the huge PR hit but opened the doors for others to follow his lead.

Amin points out a potential legal roadblock revolving around discovery in the rivals’ litigation that could have delayed the case for years and he wonders how that impacted this merger. He also points out that unlike many other cases involving litigation that we’re accustomed to, the PGA TOUR did not buy out LIV. What’s happening is a merger creating a new entity, which includes PIF making an investment. He said it’s not the PGA TOUR buying out the group to make them go away, no it’s a case of taking a group they had maligned and turning around and making them its business partner. Which he says highlights a hypocrisy that a lot of people around the world feel about the United States — there seems to be a comfort with attacking some of these people, who Amin notes he is in no way defending, up until the money comes rolling in. Then everything is fine. They’re evil until they’re on our side, and then they’re fine.

Greg Cote has a bold prediction. He predicts that PGA TOUR Commissioner Jay Monahan will not survive this.

Check out the breakdown of Tuesday’s show below.


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