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Did the Heat figure something out in Game 2 or was Denver’s effort to blame?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz breaks down Miami’s NBA Finals Game 2 victory in Denver.

HEAT CULTURE rose to the occasion on Sunday with a road win in Game 2 of the NBA Finals over the Nuggets and The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz broke it all down.

Dan started by playing a clip of Heat coach Erik Spoelstra taking umbridge with a question from ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne about turning Nikola Jokic into a scorer. Amin says he chalks it up to a case of Spo being combative. Amin says that even if you take issue with the phrasing of the question, we all knew what Ramona was getting at since the Heat’s strategy in Game 1 was to send help at Jokic and it did not work, Jokic killed them every time. Like the Heat, Jokic doesn’t really make mistakes and he sees it all, Amin says. So in Game 2, we saw a lot more single coverage and the idea was that if he scores the Heat would live would that. Amin thinks Ramona’s question wasn’t out of line and Spo knew what she really meant.


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Dan points out that Amin said after Game 1 don’t double Jokic because that doesn’t work and he would have said don’t use the zone because that doesn’t work since NOTHING WORKS AGAINST JOKER! But as Stugotz points out, the Nuggets are 0-3 when he scores 40-plus points.

Amin says Jokic might, offensively, be the most perfect basketball player he’s ever seen as he does it all and makes the right decision every time. Amin says he’s staggered that the Heat not only won a game with Jokic playing that well but also they won it because of DUNCAN ROBINSON?!?!? And Robinson was mean mugging? Amin’s beside himself.

Stugotz asks Amin if he thinks the Heat will come out with the same defensive philosophy for Game 3 and what can the Nuggets do to fix it. Amin says the smart thing for the Heat to do would not to just run back the same game plan from Game 2 because you don’t want to let Denver get acclimated to it. If you’re the Nuggets, he says, the biggest thing has to be how to get Jamal Murray going because getting the two-man game between him and Jokic going is important for them. Amin says the rest of the Nuggets’ supporting cast kind of feasts off what Jokic and Murray are creating, so it’s vital to get Murray going.

Dan then plays some audio of Nuggets coach Michael Malone questioning his team’s effort. Amin says he thinks Malone’s criticisms are right, albeit said with a little pizzazz, and they had a bunch of breakdowns. But the one thing Amin says he would have to say is that it also happened in Game 1, the Heat just missed a bunch of wide-open shots. The difference is that they made them on Sunday night.

Meanwhile, Mike Ryan is on the ground in Vegas providing coverage of South Florida’s other team vying for a championship and he’s making the show proud as always ...

Check out the breakdown of Monday’s show below.


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