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Is Mike Schur drowning in his Celtics tears?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz welcomes the co-creator of Parks and Recreation to discuss what went wrong for his beloved Boston basketball team vs. the Heat.

Mike Schur joined The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to talk through his sadness over his Celtics falling to the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

As the show continues to utilize the image of noted Celtics homer Bill Simmons’ sorrow for comedic purposes, Mike points out that the Heat actually have played better WITHOUT Tyler Herro, who is nearing a return and is expected to play in the Finals. Schur points out that if he had played in the East finals he would have been hunted defensively and the Heat actually got to run with players who are legitmately better than Herro. Of course, Mike Ryan has to pour salt in the wound, twist the knife even more, by pointing out that the Heat and Panthers had more wins at TD Garden than the Celtics and Bruins. Mike Schur is undeterred, however, and has a prediction — if the Heat play Tyler Herro, they lose.


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Mike Ryan points out that this core has suffered so much and he just thinks the Heat are going to do the thing. He says it’s their time.

To counter the suggestion that the Heat could attempt to hide Herro in a zone defense, Mike Schur suggests that such a strategy will be less effective if:

  1. There’s a coach on the other sideline who knows how to play against a zone defense (someone get some burn cream for Joe Mazzulla) and;
  2. When you have the Joker in the middle with his passing ability.

Mike Schur says the problem for the Celtics in their series with the Heat was that they never adjusted — they had seven games and could never do what most AAU teams could do, which is figure out how to attack a zone. But facing Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets? That zone defense will not work the same way, or so Mike Schur says.

Mike Ryan is convinced that Mazzulla is just not it, no matter if he’s Brad Stevens guy and appears to be a lock to return next season to Boston. Between the lack of adjustments, the attitude and his performance in the postgame press conferences, Mike Ryan says it’s just pretty embarassing and that he would have no confidence in Joe M. He even admits he honestly wasn’t that worried going into Game 7 because of the Spo vs. Joe matchup being so lopsided. Mike Schur points out that no one really believed and Mazzulla and pushes back on some of the narrative that had emerged before Game 7 that Mazzulla may have figured something out. No, no, said the Parks and Rec co-creator — it was just a case of the Celtics shooting the ball better in Games 4, 5 and 6.

The crew proceeds to take joy in Mike Schur’s pain and Dan wants some of the deets about what some of Mike’s celebrity friends were saying in the group chat and what Mike thinks about the Jayson Tatum-Jaylen Brown duo.

Mike, of course, won’t dive into the group chat, but he does say that he doesn’t think the answer is to give up on the Tatum-Brown pairing, but rather to have a coach or assistant coach who redesigns the offense so that Jaylen Brown never has dribble penetrate. Schur points out that dribbling to his left is the No. 1 weakness in his game — which Caleb Martin was happy to point out as well — and the fact that no one of the coaching staff designed any play at any point where he didn’t have to do that was the major failure of the series.

Meanwhile, it wasn’t all HEAT CULTURE as the Shipping Container takes to the diamond ...

Check out the breakdown of Thursday’s show below.


Local Hour: Top 5 Nuggets

  • Whatever happened to The Slow Report? Dan speaks to the emotion this Heat team has jostled in him, and Jessica asks the rest of the crew what they’d prefer if only on of the Heat or Panthers can win it all. Then, Jessica makes a mistake that might get the show canceled and the crew takes an in-depth look at the Top 5 Nuggets of all-time. Plus, Dan had to fight to get David Samson on the show, and we proceed to waste his time.

The Big Suey: Hockey Hands

  • Scottie Upshall, host of Missin’ Curfews and former Florida Panther, joins the show to break down the Stanley Cup, staying loose AND tight, hockey hands, and more. Then, you may want to watch the show as Jess gets her certificate for her new Cuban education, Mike provides a Lionel Messi update, and our video team plays a game with the new Bill Simmons meme. Plus, Mike Schur makes his brave return to the show to share his real thoughts on his favorite team losing Game 7.

Hour 1: Who’s Josh Groban?!

  • Mike Schur sticks around and tries to to protect himself from the pain of the Celtics loss. Then, Jessica went to see Sweeney Todd recently and had a revelation about one of the actors. Plus, the recent sports media news on Shannon Sharpe and Pat McAfee, and Zach Lowe joins the show to break down every storyline of the Heat-Nuggets NBA Finals and try to explain how the Heat got here.

Hour 2: Sir Jay Bababka

  • Dan knows the audience is sick of Miami Heat talk, but Jeremy and the rest of the Shipping Container just want to be sure we’ve thoroughly explored EVERY potential storyline including Kevin Love’s vibes, the impact of Nickelback, and more. Then, it’s time to do the same thing for our Florida Panthers including Charles Barkley’s love of Sir Jay Bababka and the Cats shot to win the Stanley Cup. Plus, we look back at the starting lineups from the last team the Heat actually won a game in Denver.

Postgame Show: Thursday Lightning

  • It’s time for everyone’s favorite segment...THURSDAY THUNDER!

Watch more below!


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