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Was Wander Franco’s ball trick fun or too flippin’ much?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses a younger generation bringing a new level of flashiness and fun to baseball and if the Rays star went over the line.

Surely, you’ve at least heard of the bat flip. Well, Wander Franco would like to introduce you to the ball flip. And The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz had thoughts.

Dan says that Wander’s ball flip, which looked cool in slow motion, is a sign that young people have taken over baseball and have integrated some flashiness into the game that has never been allowed before. Another example of this has already run into resistance — the Braves’ big hat celebration, which has been effectively killed by baseball’s official hat maker, New Era. The founder of the Noggin Boss recently joined DraftKings’ The Sweat to give his thoughts, but what does David Samson think?

David didn’t like how that was handled because he thought it brought negative attention when a deal could have and should have been cut with New Era. He said he’s in for fun, like the big hat, but what he doesn’t like is when someone hits a home run down seven runs in the ninth and they celebrate it as if everything is great. He said when he was with the Marlins the organization would tell the players not to do that and it would piss them off when the players would push back about how they wanted to celebrate how great it was to hit a homer and how great it was for them financially and potentially in arbitration.

Going back to Franco, Samson thinks he got spoken to so fast after the game that he couldn’t get back to his locker. Chris Cote, meanwhile, comes in off the top rope to say that while he’s not anti-fun, he’s anti that ball flip because it’s just a dumb thing to do. David points out that Franco was showing up the other team and risking not getting the out. Chris said if you’re having fun do whatever you want, but it just seemed like a risky move,

Dan says that he envies someone who can be so confident in their greatness, who can showboat because they know how great they are. Meanwhile, Amin asks what have we become as Chris Cote delivers what feels more like a Greg Cote take. David continues to push back, however, noting that you can’t screw around with the results. Amin harkens back to his time working for the Suns where Steve Nash threw a couple of behind-the-back passes with his left hand which resulted in assists. He questioned why Nash would do that, and it was explained to him (not by Nash, but by someone else) that when you’re a genius sometimes you want to know the limits of your genius.

Dan says that you can make the argument about not taking unnecessary risks when it comes to getting the out, but when it comes to the argument about disrespecting the opponent? Get out of here! However, as an executive, David doesn’t like it because disrespecting your opponent can come back to bite you in the end.

Meanwhile, May the Fourth Be With You, Amin!!! ...

Check out the breakdown of Thursday’s show below.


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