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Is Erik Spoelstra the best Heat coach ever?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the Miami head coach’s legacy in South Beach.

The Heat are headed back to the NBA Finals, the team’s sixth appearance during head coach Erik Spoelestra’s tenure. Naturally, given that we have a little downtime before the Finals begins, The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz is thinking about legacy.

Of course, part of that discussion about legacy has to include Coach Spo. Stugotz being Stugotz naturally has a unique take amid all this talk of HEAT CULTURE and legacy — Spo should be looking for his next job RIGHT NOW.

Dan points out that Stugotz is thinking that Spoelestra is at maximum leverage. Billy Gil points out that Stugotz began workshopping this theory when the Heat were up 3-0 on the Celtics, but feared Spo might have lost some leverage once the Celtics started to make their comeback. It’s back now though, baby!

Dan says he has a theory behind Stugotz’s thinking — he’s trying to be the agent for Spo! He wants a cut! If there’s a way he can get around leverage he will do so that way he can feel like he has leverage as well. Tony does take up for Stugotz, however, pointing out that Spo’s stock has never been higher and he might be able to write his own ticket. Stugotz takes it a step further, suggesting that by taking this team to the NBA Finals, his stock is higher now than it was when he won back-to-back titles during the Heatles era. No one gave him any credit in the LeBron era in South Beach, now he’s getting maximum credit. In fact, last week on Stupodity, ESPN’s Tim Legler said Spo could have any job he wanted and on his own terms.


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Dan points out that Jeff Van Gundy recently said that Spo is the best coach in Heat history — better than Pat Riley, better than his brother Stan. Dan agrees, but he also thinks Jeff is biased as he and his brother had a tough falling out with their former patron Riley. This lead to an important poll question ...

Dan thinks Jeff could be telling the truth about Spo while still also tweaking Riley. Dan also points out that Riley was very critical of Jeff back when he was hanging onto Alonzo Mourning’s leg during the playoffs.

Billy points out that Stan is actually the man when it comes to Heat winning percentage. However, his argument there takes a hit when the length of Stan’s tenure in South Beach is contrasted with that of Spoelestra.

Dan doesn’t think anyone would dispute Jeff’s point, which is quite something given that Pat Riley as a player/executive/coach has been in 25 percent of the NBA Finals played. Dan has seen something funny happen to him lately, something that could only happen in Miami — all the people who want to come up to him and talk sports, he’s pretty sure that they haven’t seen Nikola Jokic play. They’re in for quite a surprise. Count Stugotz’s wife among them, apparently. He pointed out that once he told her who the Heat were playing and reminding her that he had shown her a picture of the Joker, she promptly said Heat in 4.

Meanwhile, Brockmire is BACK and better than ever!!!! ...

Check out the breakdown of Wednesday’s show below.


Local Hour: A Cock In The Hen House

  • Dan announces today will be a ‘different and less energetic’ Local Hour. Is that an insult to today’s Shipping Container of Billy, Jessica, and Tony? The crew dives into Stugotz’s head to analyze a conversation he brought up around Erik Spoelstra during yesterday’s show, and Dan thinks the casual Heat fan asking him questions on the street has never seen Nikola Jokic play. Then, Jessica’s strange dream she had about Jokic, Stan Van Gundy and Tyler Herro’s fashion beef, and Chris Cote’s Day Off.

The Big Suey: The Gluten Free Ass Whoopin’ Sandwich

  • Nuggets fans are already talking trash, and we’re here for it. Also, given the blackout at the studio yesterday, we weren’t THAT bad, right? Then, Mike is having a hard time wrapping his head around what the NBA has become as it seems like the Superteam may not have the same impact anymore. Plus, Stugotz shares his Weekend Observations, some great baseball stats from another time, and Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are having children.

Hour 1: Dan Le Batard’s Heat Cult Theory

  • Brockmire is BACK and he’s here to chat with us about Dan mourning the death of his own self-respect, the similarities between the Miami Heat and cults, Nikola Jokic’s arms, and baseball being at its best when it’s at its most stupid. Then, Miami Heat breakout star Caleb Martin joins the show! He shares the moments where he had the most doubt in himself or his team, Udonis Haslem’s reaction after Game 6, why “the culture is a vibe,” his favorite moment of the postseason so far, and more.

Hour 2: Can We Talk About Succession?

  • Anthony Duclair of the Florida Panthers joins the show ahead of the Stanley Cup to discuss his physical and emotional journey to this moment, the best moments of the season and postseason, and to critique Jessica’s French. Then, Dan (with minimal spoilers) wants to know the spoiler rules of what he is and isn’t allowed to discuss regarding the Succession finale. And in our final segment, Dan and the crew (with maximum spoilers) discuss the Succession finale.

Postgame Show: YO YO

  • University of Miami Hurricanes star baseball player Yohandy “YoYo” Morales joins the show, and Mike and Tony go full ‘305 Bro’ with him before the Canes host a College Baseball Regional this weekend.

Watch more below!


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