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Panthers to the Stanley Cup Final? We knew it all along!

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz celebrates Florida’s hockey moment in the sun.

Your Florida Panthers are moving on to the Stanley Cup Final and The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz never had any doubts.

Of course, there had to be a least some acknowledgment of some of the bad takes the crew has had this season on the show’s much-beloved Panthers ...

Listen pal, after playing the crew’s greatest hits of being loud and wrong about the Panthers, Dan is left cackling about how wrong and arrogant Witty sounded all year about the Panthers. Everything was the most maximum wrong and Mike points out that he is still refusing to capitulate and is now actively rooting against the Panthers, trying to jinx them and everything. Taking a step further, the crew notes that from all reports, since leaving the show Witty has almost become something of a villain a la Dark Nate on Ted Lasso. He’s now Corporate Witty. Chris points out how tough it must be to be so entrenched in a take that he’s missing out on his team’s best run of his life.


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Dan points out to Amin that last season the Panthers were the most exciting offensive team in hockey and they blew it all up because they realized that doesn’t translate to success in the postseason. Amin points out the irony of the fact that the uber-offensive juggernaut incarnation of the Panthers won Witty’s fandom but this version of the team, built more for postseason success, has blown up his fandom.

Mike points out that the Panthers really didn’t “blow up” the team — what happened was Witty bought a Jonathan Huberdeau jersey and got pissed because Huberdeau immediately got traded. But Amin points out it is blowing up the team in terms of blowing up what he fell in love with. Meanwhile, Chris jumps in off the top rope with the idea that Witty is just entrenched in this take and it's nothing deeper than that.

Then, to the shock and chagrin of the crew, Dan admits he has NOT fallen in love with this team. On some level, he understands the contributors to the show who are less interested in talking Florida hockey than they are in just doing the show and having fun. Mike pushes back, noting that he's never had the opportunity to celebrate his team making the Cup finals. And then we got this gem ...

Meanwhile, speaking of the aforementioned show contributors, this also happened ...

Check out the breakdown of Thursday’s show below.


Local Hour: We NEVER Doubted The Panthers

  • 2023 IS NOW 1996! THE FLORIDA PANTHERS ARE GOING TO THE STANLEY CUP! We’re doing THAT show today as we explore Roy’s Joy. Mike tells us about stepping away from the bar to soak in the moment, and Chris Cote takes off his pants. BROWARD COUNTY, STAND UP! Can Matthew Tkachuk be THE face of the NHL? Plus, David Samson tries to break onto the show and bribe everyone in the Shipping Container.

The Big Suey: Listen Pal

  • We drag Witty for becoming ‘The Apple Villain’ and losing all joy around the Florida Panthers before Ron Magill joins the show to discuss his international incident and teach Witty how to issue a proper apology. Then, Amin infuriated the very nice Will Manso with his takes on Erik Spoelstra yesterday, so Will infiltrates the zoom to discuss while the Shipping Container becomes increasingly unhinged about the Panthers. Plus, a truly heated sports debate breaks out between Mike Ryan and Amin over the greatness of Carmelo Anthony.

Hour 1: The Greatest Year In South Florida Sports History

  • Francis Ngannou is here to discuss his path through fighting, his new contract, Dana White’s most recent comments about him, and more. Then, things around the show are getting progressively more insane... Amin and Mike get back into it because Tony texted Amin support on Carmelo Anthony, Roy’s vibe is getting ridiculous, and the Heat are an underdog again. Mike issues a warning to the audience about a potential Heat victory, and Amin is finally convinced to join the Ice Cats bandwagon.

Hour 2: The Greatest Hockey Town Ever

  • The University of Miami’s own Bruce Brown, noted Florida Panthers fan and best friend of Mike Ryan, joins the show to discuss the Denver Nuggets run to the NBA Finals. Bruce chats about why people find his team boring, who *really* wanted him out of Brooklyn and why he doesn’t believe it was the Front Office, being teammates with James Harden, and poking the bear. Then, it’s BRANDON F****** MONTOUR, BABY!!!!!!!!! Eastern Conference Champion Brandon Montour blesses the show with his presence and shares what today feels like. And then...the show completely falls off a cliff.

Postgame Show: Life Starts After Sports

  • Ricky Williams joins us for a conversation on LeBron James’ potential retirement and Ja Morant’s troubles from the perspective of someone who’s been where each of them stand in their careers and lives.

Watch more below!


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