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The Sixers Fire Doc Rivers! Dan Le Batard Reacts

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz reacts to the Philadelphia 76ers firing Doc Rivers.

Doc Rivers’ time in Philadelphia has officially come to an end.

News broke during today’s Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz show that the Sixers parted ways with future Hall-of-Famer Doc Rivers.

Dan leads off the discussion with a simple thought: “No surprise there.”

Le Batard continues by diving into Rivers’ lengthy history of postseason failures, including 10 (yes, TEN) Game 7 losses. However, despite that history, Dan is confident that Rivers will get another chance.

The discussion then shifts to Isiah Thomas, who has his own history of failures as an NBA executive. Thomas has been notably close to Mat Ishbia, and could work his way back into a front office role in Phoenix.

The group then briefly touches on Thomas’ feud with Charles Oakley, calling for this poll:

The conversation shifts back to Rivers, and Le Batard throws out some harsh — but true — analysis:

“There is not more underachievement on a coaching resume.”

The crew’s focus then turns to the importance of having stability in an NBA front office. A prime example of that is seen in Erik Spoelstra, who doesn’t have to worry about losing his job every time he disagrees with a superstar. It’s impossible to have long-term success as a coach in the NBA without support from the front office.

The shift then focuses to an Eastern Conference Finals preview. Le Batard believes that “better wins in this sport”, but that obviously didn’t happen in Miami’s series against Milwaukee.

Dan continues by saying that the only way Boston loses this series is if they don’t believe they can win, implying that it’s all about mentality. Mike expresses concern about Joe Mazzulla’s late-game execution compared to Spoelstra, and Le Batard agrees that experience could play a huge role in determining the ECF.

The crew wraps things up by wondering if the Celtics are afraid of Jimmy Butler, stating that his mental fortitude could be too much to overcome. However, they also acknowledge the talent gap in this matchup and the possibility that Boston could sweep the series.

One thing is certain: this rematch of the 2021-22 Eastern Conference Finals is going to be a good one.


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