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It’s moving day for the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the show’s move out of its longtime home of the Clevelander in Miami.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz was feeling a bit nostalgic on Thursday as it was the final day in their longtime home of the Clevelander in Miami.

Chris Cote, to celebrate the final day came up with his top 5 moments at the Clevelander. Some are in show, some are out of show but they were all memorable.

He started with a couple of honorable mentions, including the early club segment and that infamous Josh Norman hug. As for the actual list, it included:

5. Dan thinking Amin was a waiter the first time he met him — Amin showed up early thinking there would be a pre-show meeting and instead ended up eating a sandwich in the “green room.” Dan walked right by him and Amin thought it was a case of Dan being all business. Dan just didn’t realize who he was until it was show time.

4. Mina Kimes doing a Super Bowl report from a zip line in Minnesota — You really have to hear the audio. We can’t do it justice.

3. Chris embarrasses himself in front of ESPN suits — This story was a not on the air story, but Chris, en route to a lunch with ESPN big wigs, tripped and fell. Only upon getting up and continuing to walk to the restaurant did he realize he had a giant hole in his pants in a ... sensitive area. Let’s leave it at that. Peak of embarrassment.

2. The Greg Cote tumor hard network out — In discussing Greg Cote sounding ill, he admits that he finally went to the doctor and they found a tumor in his chest ... only to be immediately cut off by a horn and a network bumper. Don’t worry, folks, it was benign.

And Chris Cote’s No. 1 moment from the Clevelander ... drumroll please ...

1. Chris waving jazz hands in a battery costume by the pool as Dan berates a security guard — You just had to be there.

What memories will the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz crew make next? You’ll just have to tune in to find out!

Meanwhile, here’s one more for the road ...

Check out the breakdown of Thursday’s show below.


Local Hour: Most Adorable Thing This Week

  • It’s the David Samson Local Hour here on the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. He gives his in-depth thoughts on Endeavor’s new deal with WWE. JuJu asks David a question to try to soften his persona before Chris Cote has his Top 5 Clevelander Moments. Plus, David dives into naming rights, tv quality vs. cost, and reviews Cocaine Bear.

The Big Suey: Last Day of School! Last Day of School!

  • It’s our last day at The Clevelander, so Dan walks to the beach for the final time. Once he’s gone, it’s ‘last day of school’ vibes as the crew discusses senior pranks and their favorite memories. Then, we have JuJu’s Joker of the Week, Cam Newton’s list of backups, and a new character named “Bring It Home Roy.” Plus, Amin tells us about the Clippers and Lakers matchup and the Mavericks continued struggles.

Hour 1: Baby A & Baby B

  • Amin is convinced he can tell the difference between twins, Markieff and Marcus Morris, and Wiz Khalifa has a poem about his feet. Then, Ronan Farrow is here to detail the Donald Trump indictment and what stemmed from his reporting, how these are not the most serious of the charges against Trump, and the Trump system of deception. Plus, Mike Schur shares stats from our run at The Clevelander.

Hour 2: The Elephant Ear vs. The Funnel Cake

  • Denzel Washington’s Gladiator, John Adams, and referees kick off an Hour 2 full of champagne and margaritas. Ricky Williams joins us to discuss how to avoid people sitting next to you on an airplane and Roy’s Top 5 Carnival Foods. Plus, the debut of our new game: AGAINST! THE! SPREAD!

Postgame Show: Chris Cote’s Thursday Thunder Picks

  • Everyone but Chris Cote seems to have a suggestion for Thursday Thunder.

Watch more below!


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