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Dan Le Batard tells Stephen A. Smith he hates what he’s done to sports TV

The First Take host joins the South Beach Sessions podcast with Dan Le Batard to embrace the debate surrounding the impact of his show.

On Friday, Dan Le Batard welcomed Stephen A. Smith to the latest episode of the South Beach Sessions podcast, and needless to say, it’s become a hot topic in the world of sports media.

Yes, that’s right, Dan came right out, TO STEPHEN A.’S FACE and told him he hates what Stephen A. and Skip Bayless have wrought when it comes to sports television. Needless to say, the never-shy Stephen A. didn’t hesitate to retort and offer his own spirited defense.

“You can say that all you want to. I would say who the hell are you to sit up there and say me and him? What about you? Where the hell where you, living under a rock? Teaching at Miami U.? You were a part of it too, you aren’t innocent.”

Dan pointed out he was talking about all the imitators who have spawned from the success of First Take who lack journalism credentials who think the point of all this is to turn everything into an argument on television.

Stephen A. took umbrage, noting that both he and Skip both had long careers in journalism and print media, so how can they be responsible for these imitators lacking the journalistic credentials? Stephen A. also points out that when he takes a position on First Take it’s the same type of position he would have taken in a column, the difference being he’s not constrained by column inches. So he asks Dan: When did it happen that he ignored his journalism background and tenets?

Dan replies that it’s not that he’s ignored them, but rather let them become secondary to the needs of entertainment, pointing to the replacement of Max Kellerman on First Take because he didn’t fit Stephen A.’s vision of the show.

Stephen A. says he’s surprised that Dan is missing the boat, which is it’s not about them. IT’S ABOUT THE MONEY. Basically, people vote with their wallets and now people are able to monetize their product, monetize their brand without going through the training, trials and tribulations that a career in journalism dictated in the not-too-distant past. How is that his, Skip’s or even Dan’s fault?

When Stephen A. brings up other debate shows like PTI and Around The Horn and even old-school platforms like Mike and the Mad Dog, Dan points out that it is fair to say that Stephen A. and Skip mutated the concept, turning up the volume.

Now, after some backlash on Elon’s kind, gentle community app, Dan decided to make a statement in his own defense.

Anyways, Stephen A. continued to embrace the debate on his own podcast on Monday, so perhaps we’ve not heard the last of this conversation.

Listen to the full interview below.

Meanwhile on Monday’s Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, in the aftermath of Miami’s comeback victory over Texas in the Elite 8 on Sunday, Mike Ryan had a very subdued, calm reaction ...

Check out the breakdown of Monday’s show below.


Local Hour: KISS MY ASS!

  • The University of Miami Men’s Basketball team has advanced to the Final Four, so you can only imagine the grace Mike Ryan is handling this moment with... And will Mike’s Canes meet Chris Cote and the FAU Owls in the title game?! Then, Brooks Koepka is a top tier Florida Panthers fan and takes down Aaron Ekblad, and we have a word for the Staal brothers after they declined to wear Pride Jerseys during the Panthers’ Pride Night. Plus, “College Mike,” Uptown Dale, and the Heat losing by 29 points on Udonis Haslem night.

The Big Suey: Dusty May and Jazz Chisholm Jr.

  • Billy and Mike examine their fantasy baseball strategies before Head Coach of the Final Four bound FAU Owls Dusty May joins us again. Will Dusty make another promise for Chris Cote to be on the FAU bench? Tune in to find out. Then, Jazz Chisholm Jr. and his dog join us to discuss being the cover athlete on MLB The Show, adjusting to a new position, confidence, and more. Finally, as Mike Schur protests the hiring of David Samson, Dan has three Stats of the Day.

Hour 1: Lamar Jackson Wants Out

  • Lamar Jackson requests a trade from the Ravens. Chad Finn joins the show to discuss why WEEI keeps finding themselves in the middle of controversy. Chad also gives us his AFC East outlook for 2023. Is Kyrie the reason for Luka no longer enjoying basketball?

Hour 2: Jim Larrañaga and Weekend Observations

  • Stugotz shaes his Weekend Observations, Jim Larrañaga joins the show to talk about the Canes historic run and the guys discuss the Cuban hang glider that landed at the Key West airport.

Postgame Show: Ultimate Grift

  • Billy shares his ultimate trick to getting Chris and Tony into any event he wants to get into.

Watch more below!


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