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Is FDU beating Purdue the biggest upset in March Madness history? Plus a March Sadness update!

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the first two rounds of March Madness and also gives an update on our own March Sadness bracket.

The first week of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament is in the books and The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz talked about some of the Madness AND the Sadness that went down.

It’s understandable that everyone was excited about Fairleigh Dickinson, but Jessica makes a good point — can you really call it a “run” if you only make it to the round of 32? Chris Cote agrees and says you have to at least make it to the Sweet 16 in order for it to be considered a “run.”

Dan does say that he thinks FDU’s upset of No. 1 seed Purdue is the biggest upset he’s ever seen. He notes that, empirically, FDU is one of the worst teams to ever make the tournament, ranking in the 300s by every metric. Jessica also chimes in with the fact that FDU was also the SHORTEST team in the tournament facing off against the TALLEST team in the tournament.

One thing FDU had going for it though? IT’S PAPI’S ALMA MATER!!!!! Yes, that’s right, Dan’s dad earned a degree in engineering from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Sadly, the show was not able to strike while the iron was hot to take advantage of this major revelation.

Back to the upset, Tony brings the A-game analysis with the following — Zach Edey is a large man. Dynamite drop-in! Dan thanked Tony for his excellent analysis that the 7-foot-4 guy is huge.

Dan wonders if he should be shocked by the fact that after the first two days of the tournament, there were ZERO perfect brackets, according to ESPN, probably thanks in large part to FDU. The discussion turns to Miami’s ability to survive and advance after having a scare against Drake in the first round which leads Witty to admit that as a Miami fan, he doesn’t have tournament experience like, say, a Kansas fan. This leads Tony to drop another Whopper and face the consqeuences.

We also got an update on the March Sadness tournament. Dan walks us through some of the #lookslikes that remain, such as No. 2 Texas (Tom Izzo looks like he calls his star player “the son I never had” even though he has four sons at home), and some of the ones that have unfortunately, been eliminated like No. 6 Iowa State (Shad Khan looks like an eccentric roller coaster tycoon). Remember to watch the @LeBatardShow, @dklive and @draftkings social handles for all the March Sadness updates until we crown a champion!


Local Hour: Wide Open Field

  • The first weekend of March Madness was full of excitement including a couple of big-time wins for the Canes. Then, a breakdown of the protests at the World Baseball Classic game between the United States and Cuba and why international players and fans have made this tournament so meaningful despite the label as an “exhibition.” Plus, could Chris Cote be a good bench player for a low-seeded College Basketball team? Does Jim Larrañaga deserve a statue?

The Big Suey: Dan Said WHAT Last Week?

  • Dan tried to say something about a Stouffer’s meal last week and said…something else. Then, we update the March Sadness bracket and Mike Schur joins us to discuss the excitement of the World Baseball Classic, Tony Gwynn’s basketball acumen, and sound from Chris and Billy’s Spring Training baseball broadcast. Plus, FAU head basketball coach Dusty May joins the show to tell us about his wildest expectations for his team, negotiating contracts without an agent, working for Bobby Knight, Chris Cote’s chance at a role on the bench, and more.

Hour 1: It’s Still Early, Kyle

  • Stugotz kicks things off with his weekend observations after a big March Madness weekend. Then, we have more sound from Chris and Billy’s Spring Training experience on the Marlins radio broadcast. Plus, Chris Cote is already making demands for his appearance at the NCAA tournament, and Witty and Jess are ready to fight over F1.


  • The sad Detroit Pistons remind us of old sound with Draymond Green, the Grizzlies and Dillon Brooks are getting a reputation, and we debate how Klay Thompson will be remembered. Then, Dan, Stu, and the Shipping Container discuss the potential of Donald Trump being arrested. Plus, we update March Sadness and Tony replaces Jessica’s F1 minute with his MMA Minute.

Postgame Show: This Guy’s Gettin’ Comfortable

  • It’s the Funniest Thing From The Sports Weekend!

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