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Matt Barnes discusses new partnership with Meadowlark Media, DraftKings Network

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz welcomed the former NBA champ to talk about All The Smoke’s big move.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz had an exciting announcement on Wednesday with a special guest.

Matt Barnes joined the show to help announce that All The Smoke is joining Meadowlark Media and DraftKings Network!

Dan says he’s thrilled to be in business with Matt and his partner Stephen Jackson as he thinks they are one of the most authentic things going anywhere in media, not just sports media. Dan says Matt and Stephen have conquered not just the basketball space, but the media space. Dan says he is thrilled to be anywhere near what they’ve built because he loves that authenticity.

Matt says it’s an honor for he and Jackson to be who they were throughout their careers — role players, solid guys who sometimes got into a little trouble and were line-steppers — and to be able to crossover into the media space and once they found their voice and footing to take off and sign on with Meadowlark and DraftKings.

Stugotz has to know about the “vibe test” that Dan says he had with Matt out in LA during a trip there a while back. Matt says they went into the meeting looking to kick the tires and see what Dan was about. Matt says he was a fan of the show and getting the chance to come on Highly Questionable with Dan and his dad a few times while he worked at ESPN he was a fan of the authenticity and the realness as well as what Dan stood for. Matt notes that Dan stood for more than sports and that’s definitely what he and Jackson are as well, even when it’s caused issues or they’ve been looked down upon as a result. Matt says to stand on what you believe has always been important to him and Jackson and knowing that about Dan already, once they met and found out what Dan and Meadowlark was all about he was excited about what he thought of as some great partners they could create some special content with.

Meanwhile, Dan shared his own recollection of the vibe test ...

Rest easy, Matt — Stugotz is HONORED to be your mentor. You and Jack and your show are in great hands!

More seriously, Matt says he and Jackson are trying to create a platform for his brothers and sisters to tell their truth. Matt was a player for a long time and sometimes there’s a rift between the media and players. So when he and Jackson started in this space they wanted to have players speak for themselves and to have a safe place to do it. Fast-forwarding to today, seeing how well that worked, Matt says they wanted to create content for their brothers and sisters in this space and help them create and build what they’ve been building for the last four years. Matt is really excited about the slate they’re building, which they can’t announce yet, so stay tuned!

Check out Matt’s full interview below and see more about today’s exciting announcement about All The Smoke coming to Meadowlark Media and DraftKings Network starting January 1 here.

Meanwhile, Dan and the crew dig into the In-Season Tournament as it travels to Las Vegas on Thursday.


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