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Did we really get the four best teams in the College Football Playoff?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the chaos of the final College Football Playoff picture.

After a wild weekend, the College Football Playoff is set and boy, does The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz crew have some thoughts as the CHAOS has arrived.

Obviously, the big news was that undefeated Florida State, which endured injuries to their top two quarterbacks and still held on to defeat Louisville to win the ACC title was left out in the cold and outside the playoff. If you want more insight into how the committee works, make sure to check out an episode of Pablo Torre Finds Out from last week where he talks with a former member of the committee.

Coach Prime himself, Deion Sanders, one of the biggest names of this college football season, joined the show on Monday. What did the Florida State alum think about his alma mater being rejected by the committee?

Deion’s thoughts aside, Dan says Sunday’s reveal was the perfect spectacle, with the only way it could have been topped was if each of the six contenders selected a representative to argue on their behalf before America and turn that into the pregame show. Dan says it’s not about measuring the best, but rather it’s a concoction with the goal of making a television show. It’s a made-for-television spectacle, it’s not pure.

Stugotz actually wants to applaud the committee! He doesn’t care what it is, it was entertaining and he thinks we got the Final 4 that we wanted with the most ENTERTAINING teams in the country. Stugotz applauds the committee because he believes the four teams they put in the playoff are better than Florida State.

Jessica pushes back a bit, saying she’s not sure if that’s true and that it depends on how you rate these things. She says the committee’s argument seems to be that without Jordan Travis, Florida State is a different team. She doesn’t think it came down to being a second-tier league, although Mike Golic Jr. would beg to differ based on the argument he made on GoJo and Golic.

Jessica does admit that there was no way there would be a playoff without an SEC team and she could have even seen a scenario where BOTH Alabama and Georgia made it in. And Mike is quick to point out that Georgia is out after back-to-back national titles and a 29-game win streak after losing by a mere three points to Alabama. Hey Stugotz, is Georgia really not one of the best four teams?

Nope, he doesn’t think so! Well isn’t that convenient? And as Jessica points out, this may be one of the worst Alabama teams in the last decade. So, Mike says if you’re going to apply that logic, Georgia should be there too. As Mike says, there really was no great answer and one or more schools were likely to be angry at the end, but he admits that generally most people are like Stugotz — happy that they get to see Alabama in the CFP rather than a third-string QB for Florida State.

Meanwhile, the 49ers won a heavyweight fight in Philadelphia on Sunday — literally and figuratively.


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