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Wednesday’s odd postgame scene in Milwaukee took balls

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses a “kerfuffle” featuring Giannis, Thanasis and confusion over the “game ball.”

Giannis put up big numbers against the Pacers on Wednesday, but all anyone is talking about is the postgame scene involving a dispute over a game ball.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz had Amin and Charlotte from Oddball on hand to help discuss on Thursday.

Things got chippy during the game with a hard foul on Giannis, which led to his broth Thanasis having to be held back on the bench. Giannis would go on to break the franchise record for most points in a single game with 64 and after the game he wanted the game ball. As Amin explains, however, the Pacers have a tradition that when a player scores their first point they get the game ball. Stugotz, of course, has a message for the Pacers: Do it in the IST! Who are they to deny an NBA Champion a game ball? Charlotte, meanwhile, is just happy to see people talk about the Pacers amid their moment which included a run to the In-Season Tournament final.

Giannis wasn’t having it, however, and WANTED that game ball, running up the tunnel.

Amin’s favorite part? The Bucks had the game ball all along as one of their security personnel went and grabbed the ball as the game ended. By the way, there are two game balls. But wait, it gets even better ...

Dan doesn't think the whole thing rises to level of a kerfuffle or a scuffle, as it was alluded to in print, but all of this started over a game ball — one of two, actually — that the Bucks already had in their possession? Seriously? Plus, Amin explains the journey of how a ball goes from being worked on by rookies and summer league guys all the way up to getting the honor of being a game ball. Oh, and the Pacers GM, meanwhile, caught an elbow to rib from Giannis in all the confusion.

The NBA — it’s fantastic!

Meanwhile, Dan and the crew react to Draymond Green’s INDEFINITE suspension ...


Local Hour: LINE SHIFT!

  • After listening to a gorgeous Dan Le Batard inspired Christmas song submitted by a fan of the show, our “first shift” includes Amin and Charlotte with Dan and the Shipping Container discussing all the funniest parts of the Bucks-Pacers squabble over who should get the game ball after Giannis Antetokounmpo set the Bucks franchise record with 64 points. Did YOU know a game ball is like a fine wine? Then, it’s time for a line change as Jess and Lucy join the show. The crew discuss the Pac 2, their Dolphins fears, and Willow being recognized. Plus, Dan has multiple crises on his hands and Stugotz is furious Dan won’t let him get his College Football takes off.

The Big Suey: JuJu Gotti’s Wake and Take

  • Stugotz explains why he is so grateful to be handing Wake and Take off to JuJu Gotti, a man who Dan wants to name the “General Caretaker” of the show. JuJu explains the way the show helped him during dark times, and the show explains how JuJu’s helped us feel more joy. (The crew also discusses Cam Newton’s game manager take and Stu has some thoughts.) Then, IT’S TIME FOR JUJU GOTTI’S WAKE AND TAKE FEATURING FANS OF THE SHOW!

Hour 1: Lucy’s Dog Problem

  • After Jessica explains the issue dogs are having in Miami, the crew has a debate over a polarizing decision Lucy has made to adopt a shelter dog for a day. Then, Adnan Virk and David Samson are here to deliver their Top 5 Musical/Comedy Golden Globe Winning Films, and Amin has opinions...he just won’t say them. Plus, has Jack Nicholson been coasting off movies from 50 years ago? Did Oppenheimer ruin the movie-going experience? Does Scorsese need an editor?

Hour 2: Who Will He Chews?

  • First, what does it mean when the NBA says Draymond Green will receive counseling? We examine the story with the crew from Oddball before JuJu delivers today’s Thursday Thunder. Then, Mina Kimes is back to talk Zach Wilson, Josh Allen, talent evaluation, game managers, Amin’s incredible Geno Smith prediction, a new game show idea, and to absolutely roast both Chris and Lucy.

Postgame Show: Quadrupling Down

  • Chris continues to try to defend his Kadarius Toney take, and did Tom Hanks have two careers?


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