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What has this moment been like for Tommy DeVito and his agent?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz is joined by Sean Stellato, who went viral on Monday night as his client continues to shine.

Tommy DeVito is having a moment, which has now extended to his agent Sean Stellato, who went viral on Monday night for ... being exactly who you would think DeVito’s agent would be.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz welcomed Stellato to the show on Wednesday to talk about his viral moment and his rising star client who is doing big things for Big Blue right now, including being named NFC Offensive Player of the Week.

Stellato says it’s been a pretty crazy couple of days, but he says at the end of the day they’re focusing on one day at a time. For Tommy, that means focusing on New Orleans and for Sean that means working on some opportunities for Tommy as well as some of Sean’s other clients. But one thing is for sure — Sean says that what you see is what you get and what he was wearing in his viral moment on Monday with DeVito was certainly no costume.

Charlotte points out that Sean is getting inducted into the National Italian-American Sports Hall of Fame on Friday night. He said he’s humbled and excited and thinks about the people who came before him and about his ancestors and to see where he is now is pretty incredible. He says it’s kind of crazy how the stars all aligned the week of his Hall of Fame induction.

But Dan wants to know — if he could only choose one, would Sean choose his Hall of Fame induction or would he choose all the Italian-related sponsorship opportunities coming his very Italian client’s way this week? Sean says he would choose the opportunities for DeVito as his first and foremost concern is for his clients. He says the Hall of Fame induction is cool, but he’s a full-time sports agent and it’s about servicing his clients.

Speaking of being Italian, Charlotte has a very important question for Sean ...

Dan wants to know if Sean has had any arguments with Tommy devolve into exchanging the famous hand gesture. Sean says he and Tommy have an understanding of each other on and off the field, but no, they haven’t gotten into that heated an argument. He says they’re staying in their lane and are laser-focused on delivering for Tommy on a daily basis. And after hearing 28 teams say no to DeVito, it goes back to one of the things Stellato’s lived his life by — the best revenge is massive success. He knows that Tommy is locked in and not listening to all the hype surrounding him right now. You’re only as good as your last game and Stellato says he’s only as good as his last deal, so it’s a constant evaluation process for everybody, including players and agents.

Meanwhile, Wednesday was Taylor Swift’s birthday and her boo Travis Kelce was planning some big things ...


Local Hour: Fuhgeddaboudit

  • Billy is dressed as an old-timey baseball player named Billy Two Legs in honor of the Tungsten O’Doyle Bucket of Death punishment. Charlotte and Amin are here to celebrate the Draymond Green punch and Tommy Devito and Zach Wilson being named the NFC and AFC Offensive Players of the Week. Then, David Samson is here to celebrate loopholes MLB owners take to manipulate their finances. Plus, Sean Stellato, Tommy Devito’s National Italian American Hall of Fame bound agent, joins the show to share Italian phrases and meanings, his story, and sound exactly how you’d hope.

The Big Suey: Laughter and Grief Go Together

  • Dan discusses on and off air disagreements, and as he name-drops Chris Long, the Dolphins are one of the biggest. Then, Football™ keeps happening to quarterbacks and our security guard, Frankie, LOVED out White Elephant gift exchange. Plus, Rob Delaney stops by to discuss his book “A Heart That Works,” about the death of his son and the grief that comes from it, and as Dan wants to gain some words of wisdom after the passing of his brother, they both want to find a way to make the interview funny.

Hour 1: The Magic Crate of Content Returns!

  • Dan has a message for the Shipping Container after our Rob Delaney interview, and it somehow ends up as content for the show. Should Dan take a break? Was JuJu actually mad earlier? Should we be discussing...any of this? Then, congrats to Ron Magill, Pablo Torre as Michael Wilbon, and the Magic Crate of Content returns to save the show. Plus, we head back to discuss Dan’s new shirts and Sleeveless A. Smith.

Hour 2: Gabagool, New York, New Yoooooooork

  • Charlotte has ideas of what Travis Kelce should do for Taylor Swift’s birthday, and who do you think of when you think of COVID first starting? Then, Dave & Buster’s, Cam Newton talks about game managers in a weird hat, and the Cowboys, 49ers, Dolphins, and Lions. Plus, Jeremy used his time “floating” to deliver a song everyone immediately hates, and we play everyone’s favorite game: AGAINST! THE! SPREAD!

Postgame Show: Soda Jerks

  • Jeremy is angry about the response to his song, Charlotte wants to try Utah soda, and Mike, Chris, Amin, and Tony react to the show.


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