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Dodgers go Hollywood with Shohei Ohtani megadeal

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the $700 million deal for the new Dodgers star and the controversial deferred money.

It has come out that Shohei Ohtani, despite agreeing to the richest contract in the history of American sports, will actually be making a paltry $2 million per year for the next 10 seasons.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz had some thoughts.

Dan points out that the Marlins did something similar with Giancarlo Stanton, structuring the contract in such a way that they guaranteed that they would never actually be the ones paying out the bulk of the deal. He says, however, the Dodgers could actually afford this deal thanks to the competitive advantage they have which is their regional TV money.

Stugotz, on the other hand, zigs while everyone else zags: Are we sure Ohtani is worth it?

Never change, Stugotz.

Moving on from the fact that $700 million is an INSANE amount of money, Dan says if any player in baseball was going to command that type of outlay, Ohtani is the guy. Stugotz isn’t backing down, however, noting that before the $700 million deal he wasn’t overrated but once you attach $700 million to his name? Overrated.

As Billy Gil points out, it does seem impossible for a guy could hit 45 home runs and not reach 100 RBI, but the Angels are going to Angels.

Jeremy points out that by deferring so much money it’s actually perfect. Making $2 million per year for the next couple of seasons, Ohtani won’t actually be overrated for several years! In fact, he’s the best value player in baseball!

Billy, however, throws some cold water on everyone with the reminder that Ohtani has undergone his second Tommy John surgery. How good a pitcher will he be when he comes back, likely in 2025.

Dan doesn’t know if Ohtani will make it back to the mound, which he calls a reasonable concern, as the reason Shohei is the modern Babe Ruth is that he both hits and pitches so well. To be that great at those two things, Dan says, means that he can’t be overrated but that he’s properly rated. There is no player like him anywhere in the sport and to find a comp you have to travel back to the Bambino 100 years ago playing against guys who had second jobs in the offseason. Stugotz, however, says if he can’t pitch then the deal quickly becomes problematic. Stugotz says you are signing Ohtani to that deal because you’re hoping he can do both and if he can’t then he questions if he’s worth $700 million. The contract has everything to do with it.

But, as Dan points out, it’s not Stugotz’s money, so they are under no requirement to spend wisely. All they have to do is go out and get stars and keep the buzz going. Dan says don’t think of this as acquiring someone who is going to help the Dodgers win the World Series. He says it’s part of the programming for their aforementioned regional TV – Shohei is a star in a city that loves stars and the Dodgers need stars. Dan says the thinking is get someone who feels BIG and will help drive people to the ballpark. He says we’re not talking about the baseball part of this, we’re talking about this because of the money and as a business move. This is the Dodgers going Hollywood.

Stugotz wonders however if this is fair. This, he says, feels like the rich getting richer, like the Yankees back in the days of the Evil Empire. How many stars does one team need? But as Stugotz points out, when a big free agent becomes available, there is an expectation that the Dodgers will be in the bidding and will probably get him.

That ties into the really annoying part to Billy — not only did the Dodgers get the star, but they’re getting him for basically $2 million per year, which allows them to go out and get more stars! Greg Cote, meanwhile, is surprised that the MLBPA allows this type of deferral because it could become a trend. Meanwhile, you know who Chris feels bad for? Bobby Bonilla. Because in a few years, we’ll be celebrating Ohtani Day, totally eclipsing Bobby Bo Day. Say it ain’t so.

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