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How is Al Michaels supposed to be enthused by Bears-Panthers?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses Al Michaels saying he will be back on Thursday Night Football for another year.

Broadcasting legend Al Michaels, despite evidence to the contrary on the broadcasts and criticism on the internet, is still enjoying his work and plans on continuing for at least another year, as he recently told the New York Post’s Andrew Marchand.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz has some thoughts on Michael, Thursday Night Football and the pairing of the legend with Kirk Herbstreit.

Dan points out that the 78-year-old Michaels has a hard job, whether people realize it or not and that there’s a reason these broadcasters only do one assignment per week. Dan notes that when Jeff Bezos and all his money came for the NFL, they went out and got themselves the best play-by-play man there ever was, giving them instant credibility. Dan notes that Al himself said it’s fair to criticize him for not sounding enthusiastic on the TNF broadcasts, but Dan asks how is Al supposed to sound enthusiastic when he’s given a matchup like the Bears-Panthers showdown he’s got tonight. Who wants to watch a Bears game at this point?

Mike has a question though: What do you want them to do? Everybody HAS to have an appearance on TNF, otherwise, there would be a competitive advantage. Perhaps we should consider it a SERVICE that they’ve paired two bad teams against each other so maybe, at least, the game will be competitive as opposed to the Panthers getting their doors blown off by someone like the Eagles. It’s good to have a good old-fashioned slop off!

Dan, undeterred, says Al can’t be enthused at this point in his career with tonight’s matchup. But Mike also points out that Al wasn’t great during last season’s playoff game he called on NBC. Chris points out that next week will be a real test, with an actual good game between the Bengals and Ravens. Mike says that Al took some heat in the aftermath of the Chargers-Jags playoff game that neither he nor Tony Dungy seemed that energized by a pretty exciting comeback and finish in a playoff game. That said, Mike points out that of course, he’s coming back! It will be year three of a three-year contract that pays him big money. He’s had a great career, he’s a legend, the games are on Amazon, so Mike says give the guy a break!

Tony jumps off the top rope with an interesting though which led to a poll question:

Tony says Al misses his buddy Cris Collinsworth. Dan notes that Al can miss Cris while still liking Herbie, they’re not mutually exclusive. Tony suggests that Al doesn’t see Herbie as an NFL guy, but rather a college guy masquerading as an NFL guy. Jessica suggests that maybe Al is just a big Green New Deal guy, upset with Herbie for taking a private plane all over creation for all his various gigs.

Speaking of Herbstreit, Dan says it’s a bit startling that we can’t find someone else to do that job, that Herbstreit needs to add it on top of his college football duties with ESPN. There’s really no other qualified applicant that do this job at least as well as Herbstreit? Is Herbie really more important than our environment?

But fear not, Jeremy says, because it will be Jason Kelce when he retires. Maybe then we’ll get a T Swift appearance on a Thursday night.

Meanwhile, Tony hit the gym for another edition of Tony’s Top 5 ...


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