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How impressive was Josh Dobbs’ performance on Sunday?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses Josh Dobbs’ wild debut with the Minnesota Vikings after arriving via trade earlier in the week

It was an amazing Witching Hour on Sunday and The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz had to talk about Josh Dobbs’ amazing performance on Sunday vs. the Falcons.

Dobbs was just traded to the Vikings earlier last week but was pressed into action after Jaren Hall had to leave the game. Dan points out that Dobbs didn’t even know the names of all his new teammates, lost Cam Akers to an Achilles injury and still led Minnesota to a victory over the Falcons in the most Falcons thing ever.

Jessica said it was amazing to see what Dobbs was able to do after not getting any practice reps with the first team during the week. She points out that he was still learning the snap cadence and practicing taking snaps on the sidelines and didn’t really know any of the plays, asking teammates about what options he had in the huddle. She said it was totally remarkable to see for someone who has been on so many NFL teams in the last two years alone. And on the other side, what must Falcons fans be feeling today, she wonders?

Dan points out that Dobbs has played for five teams since Week 15 of last season., although he says it feels like he has more 20+ yard runs than any other quarterback in the sport (Stugotz says Dobbs had two of the greatest scrambles you’ll ever see on Sunday). Stugotz also says no one wants to bet against Josh Dobbs.

Jessica highlights the fact that Dobbs was an aerospace engineering major at Tennessee and could be working at NASA right now, but instead has been bouncing around the NFL. She’s just happy for him and happy to see him get some credit for putting together an improbable game-winning drive. Meanwhile, his former team, the Cardinals, struggled mightily on Sunday to the tune of a 58-yard, two-INT performance from Clayton Tune in a shutout loss to the Browns.

Meanwhile, speaking of breakout QBs, how about CJ Stroud? Do you know what the C stands for? Stugotz knows ...


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