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Would an In-Season Tournament banner be the most Knicks thing ever?

Amin and Charlotte from Oddball join The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to talk some hoops.

Amin and Charlotte from Oddball joined The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on Wednesday as the knockout round for the In-Season Tournament is now set.

Stugotz has found the angle — LeBron can use the In-Season Tournament to finally catch up to Michael Jordan in championships and bolter his G.O.A.T. argument. Meanwhile, Amin says next-gen Stugotz 25 years from now will be asking how many NBA Cups MJ won? Zero! That’s how many. But, Mike drops in with a doozy ... what if the the yet-to-be-named In-Season Tournament is named ... after Michael Jordan?!?!? Check mate.

Amin says it has to come to down to Knicks vs. Kings, the two most entitled fan bases with no success to justify said entitlement. And the winner will never shut up about it.

Charlotte goes back to an argument she also made on GoJo and Golic this morning — it has to be the Knicks. She says Knicks fans will claim they don’t care about the In-Season Tournament and then care about it SOOOO much if they win it. It’s so perfect.

GoJo said it would be the funniest thing if the Knicks put up an In-Season Tournament banner in MSG (see our rendering for how that might look), but Billy asks: Is the In-Season Tourney banner worthy? Forget that, Stugotz says the Knicks will have a PARADE!!! Amin says this Knicks talk is not a hypothetical, it is a lock to happen if the Knicks take home the Cup. The banner would look great next to the one honoring Billy Joel!

But let’s also consider another serious question ...

Meanwhile, as a former employee at Sports Illustrated, Jessica had to weigh in on the controversy swirling around the once-proud sports journalism giant ...


Local Hour: Whose Fault is This?

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The Big Suey: The Remarkable Belt Revelation

  • Two heartbreaking losses for basketball fans in Miami lead the conversation after the Blue Blood Canes were taken down by Kentucky and the Heat dropped their In-Season Tournament game to Damian Lillard and the Bucks. Then, the cast of Oddball (Amin Elhassan & Charlotte Wilder) join us and it leads us to an unbelievable moment of unity around the use of belts. Plus, Airplane Repo, Amin’s new friend, Knicks fans need a fake title, and the potential end of the Golden State Warriors as Klay Thompson’s play diminishes.


  • Is Julius Randle one of the best New York Knicks of the last 20 years? How much of a narcissist is Gregg Popovich for asking the San Antonio Spurs crowd to stop booing Kawhi Leonard? Then, it’s time to play everyone’s favorite game AGAINST THE SPREAD and listen to this week’s Useless Sound Montage. Plus, we’ve met the Stugotz of the movie industry, and Billy has a new life hack that can hopefully make him a huge profit.

Hour 2: YGFY...Or Else

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Postgame Show: Spotify Wrap It Up

  • “Stop sharing your Spotify Wrapped.” - Billy, and not JuJu. Plus, the Kelce empire continues to grow.


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