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How many teams would be lined up for Bill Belichick?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz welcomes Fox’s Jay Glazer to explain why “The Patriot Way” doesn’t work anymore.

Jay Glazer joined The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on Tuesday and talked about the future of Bill Belichick.

It’s been a struggle in New England since the end of the Tom Brady era and more and more Belichick is facing some heat for the way he does things. “The Patriot Way” that worked for nearly two decades now doesn’t seem so unassailable. So, Stugotz asks: Where Belichick will be coaching next season?

Glazer says if we had this conversation five years ago, every team in the league would be lining up to sign Belichick on the dotted line. But, he says that’s just not the case anymore. In fact, all one has to do is see the results of a social media poll by NBC Sports Boston Patriots beat writer Tom E. Curran to find that not everyone thinks Belichick will be a hot commodity if he hits the open market ...

So what changed? Glazer says the style of “beating dudes down” doesn’t work anymore. It doesn’t connect, and the reason he thinks that is because of technology and social media. Jay says guys are getting beat down constantly online. He says there is no more “keeping things inside” anymore. As much as coaches think they can keep things in their building, when players go to their phones they find nothing is kept inside anymore. That old-school mentality, Jay says, doesn’t work anymore. You can’t say there’s no noise in your building because guess what? There’s noise in your building. Jay says you can say as much as you want, “Get off social media” but players today are NOT off social media, it just doesn’t happen.

Jay says now when you have guys like Mike Tomlin, or Mike McDaniel or Dan Campbell who love you up, that’s what’s working in the NFL. Not the old-school way of, “We’re going to beat you down and tell you what a moron you are.” Jay doesn’t think that style works anymore, as evidenced by Josh McDaniels flaming out in Las Vegas adhering to the old Patriot Way. Not to mention that Jay notes that the players have more power now than they’ve ever had.

So, when it comes to where Belichick is going to be next year, Jay thinks teams are going to look at him and acknowledge that he’s definitely a draw and a great, but he needs a good personnel guy with him as the Patriots’ personnel decisions of late have not been good.

Meanwhile, the crew takes a look at the madness that was the Texas A&M introduction of Mike Elko ...


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