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Is Jalen Hurts the best QB in the NFL?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz welcomes Jake Tapper to talk about his beloved Eagles.

CNN’s Jake Tapper joined The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz and he was in quite a good mood after his Eagles beat the Bills in an OT thriller on Sunday.

Dan says the Eagles had no business winning that football game, but Stugotz says that’s what Philly does — go down by double-digits and come back to win. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Jake starts by saying the second call against Jason Kelce was BS, he did not flinch. But despite that and despite the pouring rain, Jake Elliott still delivered a 59-yard field goal to send the game into overtime. Unbelievable.

Jake says you can say whatever you want, but the Eagles are the real deal. It doesn’t matter who SHOULD win the game, he says. Every single time, the Eagles ACTUALLY win the game. As seen by the lighting in his study, a higher power is with Jake and his Eagles, clearly.

Dan wants to know if Jake is bad when he is watching the Eagles and they are down. Jake says he’s not bad and that he was watching the game with his son, who despite living in Washington, D.C., has that Eagles spirit, which includes yelling at the refs for their BS calls, naturally. And that includes learning who the heck was Olamide Zaccheaus after he caught a touchdown.

Stugotz asks if there was any back-and-forth with noted Bills fan Wolf Blitzer. Jake says normally he would be a huge smack-talker, but he has reverence and respect for Wolf so he does not. That courtesy does not extend to fellow CNN colleague Phil Mattingly, apparently, as Jake admits to texting some of the meanest things possible to the Ohio State grad as Phil’s Buckeyes fell to Michigan. It seems the Tappers have become sudden Michigan fans in light of Jake’s daughter committing to the Michigan rowing program. Jake says he’s horrible, he’s a Philadelphia fan. But he won’t do it to Wolf, who is the only one excluded from his sports wrath and that includes an old friend from Buffalo (did you know that AI can create some great images for what an eagle can do to a buffalo).

Meanwhile, Jake has a question of his own for Dan ...

The Philadelphia is strong in Jake Tapper.


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