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Does Troy Aikman really not like the Manningcast?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz welcomes Joe Buck to discuss Monday Night Football and more.

Joe Buck joined The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz for a little pre-Thanksgiving talk about the Kelces, the Mannings and more.

Right off the bat, Joe talks about being asked if he misses doing baseball now that he’s with ESPN, but he says it’s not so much about missing baseball as it is getting to a point where you don’t feel the need to be on every broadcast and do everything. It’s about being able to step aside and let other people do it and not freak out about it. He misses certain aspects of it, but he says he is enjoying what he gets to do and how he gets to do it.

As Stugotz points out, $15 million per year also helps.

Stugotz does say that Joe is the best he’s ever seen (unlike Dan, who wasn’t willing to go fully out on that limb in his introduction) to the point where he doesn’t want to switch over to the Manningcast because Joe and Troy Aikman are that good. Dan says Joe knows how subjective this all is and you can have a good argument over who the best five people at this are, and Joe is definitely one of them.

Buck says it’s the most subjective thing in the world and the thing that drove Aikman crazy when he first got into the booth. Buck says Aikman was so used to being on the field and looking up at a scoreboard to tell him that on that day he was better than the other side. There is no scoreboard in broadcasting and it’s random who likes and who hates who. The notion of ranking broadcasters is as subjective as it gets, Buck says.

Stugotz has to go back to this past Monday’s Eagles-Chiefs game and ask Joe when he became such an offensive line expert. More specifically, a center expert. More specifically a Jason Kelce expert. All this to say, what about all the other centers and offensive linemen who don’t get this type of attention on a weekly basis?

Joe says he pleads guilty to getting swept up in Kelce-mania. He’s in LOVE with the Kelce brothers, both collectively and individually. Joe points out that like John Madden before him, he watches the game from the line out, while Troy naturally watches from the QB out toward the defense, which brings in the center. So it’s only natural, Joe says, that in their 22nd year together he and Troy would evolve into people who talk about center and guard play.

Meanwhile, Dan had to ask about Chris Cote’s theory regarding Troy and a couple of other QBs-turned-broadcasters, the Manning brothers. Is Troy annoyed to be advertising a competing broadcast, even if it’s all in the same ESPN family?

When Dan asks about this past week’s game earning a HUGE number and the broadcast team making it feel like an event, Joe goes back to the schedule being released and the NFL handing out the “golden ticket” of a Super Bowl rematch to the MNF crew, saying to get that shows there’s at least some interest on the NFL’s part to funnel things their way. But beyond that, Joe reiterates it’s the most subjective thing in the world and he doesn’t get into all that stuff.

In other news, Dan was wearing the HELL out of that Fred Flinstone costume ...


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