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Was Tom Brady right in his Back In My Day rant?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses Brady’s criticism over the mediocrity of the NFL.

Greg Cote may not have been in studio for Tuesday’s edition of The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz but there was still a Back In My Day segment, courtesy of Tom Brady!

Brady recently joined Stephen A. Smith’s podcast and he let loose in way he certainly never did while he was in New England.

First off, Mike says Brady looks TREMENDOUS! The year away from football, if it truly winds up being a year away (can never rule out a comeback), has done Brady wonders! The tan, the skin, Mike says he looks INCREDIBLE!

Getting back to the topic at hand, Mike says it was a hell of a point that Brady made about not throwing it over the middle of the field with Ray Lewis lurking. Although, as Chris Cote points out, few players are at the level of the defenders Brady mentions in his take. Dan says he wants to say what the hell is he talking about, but clearly Brady has VASTLY more expertise than anyone listening about what it is that he’s watching. Not to mention, as Mike points out, the longevity to play across several different eras of the NFL.

But, as Dan notes, Brady sounds like every old retired player complaining about how it was better back in his day. And to be fair, Dan says it also ignores the fact that many of these rules Brady is decrying where the direct result of Brady getting injured. They changed the rules when he was the one who got injured! What he’s complaining about, Dan says, is something that was legislated by the NFL to protect him above almost all others!

Mike asks a poignant question: Have we missed Brady this year? Sure, we’re all usually excited to just watch football, but he points out that a lot has been made about the primetime unders. Mike has a theory that we’re getting a lot of primetime unders and a lot of bad primetime games partially because he’s not in the league anymore. Mike misses Brady. A LOT. He doesn’t necessarily miss him in Tampa specifically, but just in the NFL in general, making games feel like an event.

Dan says that he doesn’t watch the NFL and think the things that Brady thought in that clip. Dan doesn’t think he’s watching a mediocre product. He thinks he’s watching the product at the height of human athleticism and precision that is also trying to navigate and legislate around the labyrinth of all these players getting hurt. It’s beyond dangerous, Dan says, it’s not sustainable to keep human beings healthy for an entire NFL season.

Plus, Mike points out that no one want to admit that defenses are getting better. Defenses, he says, have been built to stop what they’re seeing in KC, the read option, etc. You can only dominate for so long, Mike says, and Tom Brady is the only person to dominate throughout eras. It’s a great era for defenses, and that’s just not sexy, Mike says, although he points out that nothing can be as sexy as Tom.

Meanwhile, Jalen Carter almost made history on a play that usually has ABSOLUTELY NO intrigue ...


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