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Mina Kimes diagnoses what has gone wrong for the Bills

The NFL analyst joins The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to dissect what’s going on with Buffalo.

ESPN NFL analyst Mina Kimes joined The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to talk about it what’s going on with the Buffalo Bills.

Amid all the recent struggles and turnover issues, Mina still thinks that Josh Allen is an outstanding quarterback, even if she had some doubts about Allen before he was drafted by the Bills. Mike points out that when a team with high expectations like the Bills doesn’t deliver to those expectations there has to be a sacrificial lamb and this week Ken Dorsey was that sacrificial lamb. Was that the right sacrificial lamb?

She highlights defensive injuries and turnovers in big moments as big issues hurting the Bills right now. Mina says the offense has been incredible and incredibly efficient this season with the highest success rate in football, but at the same time they have been the worst in the NFL in turnover differential and that’s why they’ve lost games. It’s not as fun, but it’s really the reason why she thinks they’ve been losing.

While Dan Orlovsky has said the Bills offense has been easy to prepare for this season, Mina doesn’t quite agree. She doesn’t think the Buffalo offense is bad just because they don’t use any of the more exciting elements that some other teams utilize. After all, she says if the Buffalo offense was bad it would be reflected in the numbers. So she doesn’t necessarily think Dorsey was to blame and he was something of a sacrificial lamb, but the Bills really didn’t have any other levers to pull so it was the only change left to make.

Meanwhile, Tony delivered the latest edition of his Top 5, even if it is a bit delayed ...


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