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What’s the most frustrating penalty in football?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses which penalties are the worst in light of the way Monday’s Broncos-Bills game ended.

The finish of last night’s Bills-Broncos game on Monday Night Football left The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz pondering a simple question: What’s the most frustrating penalty in football?

Of course, the Bills had a couple of frustrating penalties on the Broncos’ game-winning drive. First came a costly pass interference penalty on Taron Johnson that put the Broncos into field goal range.

However, the big one would come shortly thereafter as a missed field goal by the Broncos was negated by a too many men on the field penalty, which allowed the Broncos to kick again and seal the last-second victory.

Before Chris Cote can reveal his choice, Dan shares that he thinks the worst is when you’ve stopped a good offense on third down only to see the laundry on the turf because a defender touched someone’s jersey. Meanwhile, Greg Cote is looking squarely in the direction of the delay of game penalty. He says there’s never a good excuse for it. Just use a time out! He says it just implies confusion and ineptitude. And while Chris says that after last night we may have to add too many men on the field, his dad really stole his thunder (no, not Thursday Thunder, that’s later in the week) by taking the delay of game. What are the odds that a father and son would be on the same wavelength?

At least with defensive pass interference, Chris says, there’s a lot of movement going on, he can explain someone bumping into someone. But with the delay of game, he finds himself watching the clock tick down while yelling “HIKE IT! HIKE IT!” and getting frustrated that the center doesn’t just look up and hike the damn ball.

Jeremy says there are two games at play here — ineptitude (like too many men or delay of game) or the most frustrating call a REFEREE makes (aka a questionable roughing the passer penalty). That and the illegal man downfield are INFURIATING. The illegal man downfield mention even had Chris doing the Leo DiCaprio pointing meme.

Meanwhile, going back to the delay of game discussion, Billy is somewhat flabbergasted Greg went in that direction given how often over the years he was felled by the hard network out, thereby missing the clock alerting him to how much time was left in a segment. On a similar note, Dan points out how hard it would be for the DLB crew to execute ANYTHING in a timely fashion, nevermind what football players are processing on the field. Dan says people vastly underestimate how hard it is to get players on and off the field in a timely simply because professional football teams do it so well.

Stugotz says his most frustrating is pass interference. He actually says college does it well compared to the NFL. He’s fine with the concept of the penalty, but what he is not OK with is the result being the ball placed at the spot of the penalty. He HATES that. Afterall, it’s the reason the Broncos were able to get into field goal range in the first place. Dan thinks that someday we’re going to look back on this era and wonder why teams didn’t just throw deep more often hoping to simply draw a PI call. Just chuck and pray for illegal contact!

Jeremy takes it a step further even. He says the Giants offense would actually be better off if they ran no plans and instead just threw bombs trying to draw pass interference. He may have been dressed as a waiter on Tuesday, but he was bringing some sound offensive football ideas to the table!

Meanwhile, Jessica is raising red flags about the upcoming F1 race in Las Vegas ...


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