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Jimbo Fisher is getting paid HOW MUCH to NOT coach at Texas A&M?!?!?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the INSANE buyout that Texas A&M will give to its now former head football coach.

Jimbo Fisher is out at Texas A&M with the most ridiculous buyout of all time and The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz has some thoughts.

That’s right, $77 million to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Mike points out that whenever anyone talked about Fisher’s status at College Station, they always said his buyout was something you couldn’t escape from — the Aggies were just going to have to grin and bear it. Lo and behold, the hypothetical became reality and Texas A&M is going to eat A LOT of cash. Dan says it’s an insane amount of money, four times as large as the previous all-time high buyout. Then Stugotz joined the fray with this doozy of a stat ...

Jimbo Fisher will get paid more NOT TO COACH than his former star QB Jameis Winston has been paid to play in the NFL. Amazing.

Also amazing is the fact that Fisher’s final game with the Aggies was a 51-10 victory over Mississippi State, who also coincidentally fired their coach on Monday morning. Dan wonders if the Aggies moved now so as to avoid any pressure if the soon-to-return Conner Weigman can win a couple of games down the stretch. Mike, however, thinks Texas A&M fired Fisher because of the last couple of seasons. Mike says he had all the resources in the world and great talent, including one of the greatest recruiting classes of all time following the 2020 season.

However, Mike wonders if Jimbo was truly feeling the heat, despite how well the Aggies were playing on Saturday night when he saw what was going on during halftime. There, right on the field Jimbo coached on, was a ceremony to celebrate a $160 MILLION donation to Texas A&M athletics, novelty check and all. All of a sudden that $76 million buyout doesn’t look so bad.

But, there was one last bit of tactical genius delivered by Fisher that Mike had to recognize. Before Saturday’s game, Fisher apparently sent out a DECOY QB to warm up in an attempt to confuse the Bulldogs. Oh, the subterfuge!

Chef’s kiss!

Getting back to the coaching change, Mike says the resources in College Station have been a talking point for several years now and Dan points out that the boosters are that school are enormous and the oil money is crazy. Speaking of crazy, you want to know who A&M’s “dream candidate” is to replace Fisher? No, Stugotz, it’s not Urban Meyer. Mike reveals that reports say that the Aggies’ “dream candidate” is actually Dan Campbell! The Lions beloved coach wouldn’t really leave Detroit just as they’re getting good, would he? WOULD HE?

Mike points out that Campbell went to A&M and he could look at it as, “If I fail I could always go back to the pro game.” It’s almost like a bizarro college situation, where someone like Bobby Petrino may flame out in the NFL but he could always count on being welcomed back on campus with open arms. Billy, probably rightly, points out that Campbell may think of it like, “If I fail, I never have to work again!” I mean, just take a look at what Fisher is going to be paid to simply do nothing at all!

Meanwhile, Dan has had enough of Michigan, Penn State and really everyone in the Big Ten. Get it outta here!


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