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Has the Giants’ season already gone fully off the rails?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses Big Blue’s futility following another tough loss on Monday Night Football.

It was another rough outing for the New York Giants, as the Big Blue fell to the Seahawks, 24-3, at home on Monday Night Football. Moreover, Daniel Jones was sacked TEN times in the game.

Dan couldn’t help but point out how quickly Stugotz has turned on Brian Daboll, noting that he loved him so much last season and had him as a frequent guest on God Bless Football. Dan also marveled at just how bad Jones was and how much the Giants are on the hook for him moving forward.

As much as Chris Cote may hate this Giants team, Billy Gil asks what is Jones supposed to do? What are his pieces? Billy says he’s not here to defend Jones, but it’s also not all on him. Dan notes that the Giants had OBJ at one point but he would be hard-pressed to name another No. 1 WR they’ve had this century. Dan says the way NOT to design your offense is WRs who can’t get open with an offensive line that cannot block and a QB who is going to turn the ball over. Greg Cote says the Giants’ offensive line is the worst he’s seen in recent memory (as GoJo and Golic noted on Monday, the G-Men were on their fourth different o-line combination in this game) and Jones is a QB who really needs a healthy No. 1 running back, which the Giants are obviously lacking at the moment. Greg also says no coach in the league has seen his stock plummet more than Daboll — he’s gone from the mayor of New York City last season to just another desperate coach who looks like a guy from a men’s softball team.

Dan, however, would like to throw Bill Belichick into that mix, noting that Stugotz called him overrated in a way that appalled Billy and said he should have to wait 10 years before getting into the Hall of Fame. Chris Cote jumps off the top rope with Brandon Staley, who his dad Greg says is a good nominee.

Getting back to Daboll. Stugotz points out that the Giants have been outscored 64-3 at home this season and if you take away their second-half output against Arizona, they’ve scored just 15 points this season. Greg adds that failing in New York is a special kind of hell, which is why what Daboll is going through is magnified. Greg isn’t ready to say that Daboll will be fired if he misses the playoffs, but the cries of “What have you done for me lately?” will rise in Gotham.

Meanwhile, enjoy the music stylings of Jeremy Tache inspired by emo Jimmy Butler ...



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